Stamping & Texturing Concrete

Concrete’s appearance can be altered with stamping tools and textured mats to replicate everything from brick and tile to wood and stone.

Stamped Concrete Overlays Easier to Install, Less Costly than Conventional Way

Who doesn’t like the look of stamped concrete? It can add a touch of elegance to everything from commercial and retail projects to public spaces and residences. But what if traditionally stamped concrete isn’t an option? What if the customer already has a concrete surface and a rip out isn’t […]

Backyard Amenity
Features Concrete Dock

At first glance, the dock looks like it’s floating just above the water. “It turned out exactly how I wanted it,” says Reuben Keim, co-owner of Keim Concrete in Wooster, Ohio, about his concrete platform. The pier and dock, which sit about a foot above the surface of a 2-acre pond in Keim’s backyard, was fashioned with Proline form liners.