Decorative Concrete Tips: The Torpedo Groover

Men working on a slab of concrete with the new Torpedo Groover.The Torpedo Groover makes a job very easy and controls cracking.The “Torpedo Groover” from Slip Industries has become an invaluable tool for the guys that know its advantages in placing control joints but as a decorative hand tool it has also taken on some slick advantages. As the name implies, the Torpedo Groover is long and straight. Once it is placed into the concrete it will guide you straight from point A to point B. It separates the aggregate up to 11⁄2" inches deep so it also helps significantly to control cracking. Where jointers have difficulty cutting a straight path the Groover has absolutely no problem giving the jointer a straight path to follow.

Have fun cutting new lines in your flatwork with the Torpedo Groover. Now the time it takes to place joints has just become the least of your worries and design possibilities your greatest passion. — Slip Industries, Livitz, PA

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