Skateparks and Decorative Concrete

Airspeed Skateparks


During the interview, Michael Dahl delves into the innovative approach taken by Airspeed Skateparks in integrating decorative concrete into their skatepark designs. He highlights the aim of creating a distinctive space for skateboarders that not only serves its functional purpose but also showcases a remarkable work of art.

Dahl emphasizes that the skatepark itself can be considered a functional piece of art, as it not only provides a space for skateboarders to practice their skills but also serves as a visually appealing structure. He praises Airspeed Skateparks for their ability to seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics in their designs.

The interview then delves into the specific challenges faced by Airspeed during the construction of their skatepark in Waldport, Oregon. Dahl explains how the team skillfully tackled these challenges, showcasing their expertise and dedication to creating a high-quality skatepark.

One of the key aspects discussed in the interview is the incorporation of stamped concrete into the overall theme of the skatepark. Dahl explains how Airspeed utilized this technique to enhance the visual appeal of the park, creating a cohesive and visually striking design.

The use of stamped concrete allowed Airspeed to create intricate patterns and textures that added depth and interest to the skatepark. Dahl highlights the skill and precision required to achieve these designs, emphasizing the level of craftsmanship involved in the process.

Overall, the interview sheds light on the innovative and artistic approach taken by Airspeed Skateparks in their skatepark designs. It showcases their ability to overcome challenges and skillfully incorporate decorative concrete to create visually stunning and functional spaces for skateboarders.

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