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Holocaust Memorial a Must-see in Berlin

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe was built to commemorate the 6 million Jewish victims of the Nazi genocide during World War II.Situated near Brandenburg Gate on a stretch of land once referred to as the “death strip” where the formidable Berlin Wall once loomed, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe was built to commemorate the 6 million Jewish victims of the Nazi genocide during World War II.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Jun 12, 2019
Vendors Bring New Concrete Products to Contractors

Vendors displaying their goods at a tradeshow for potential buyers.The more things change the more they stay the same. This is an adage I’ve heard my entire life without ever really giving it any serious thought. What does it even mean? Well, in the context of this article let’s take a closer look.

Greg Iannone
Jun 5, 2019
Diversify with Direction When Expanding Your Business

A nice patio set on a stamped concrete patio that has been stained a tan color.There are a lot of questions that don’t always have easy answers. Fortunately, plenty of people have headed out in different directions within the concrete industry and found the journey has taken them to a pretty good place.

K. Schipper
Jun 5, 2019
Eastern Washington Themed Playground Uses Concrete to Enhance Experience

Large fish shaped playground feature in Spokane, Washington.Steelhead trout rivers, bear dens, salmon runs, bighorn sheep ledges, Jurassic fossils - all hallmarks of eastern Washington state. All available for touching, climbing, wading and digging at the Discovery Playground in Mirabeau Point Park, maintained by the City of Spokane Valley, Washington.

Amy Johnson
May 19, 2011
Pool Coping is an Integral Part in Building the Perfect Pool Deck

Walking into the deep end on a pool framePool coping can be made of many different types of material, including cast-in-place concrete, brick, flagstone, precast concrete, travertine, aluminum or tile. The pool coping separates the pool structure from the pool deck, which means the deck can shift without adversely affecting the pool.

Jason Geiser
Jan 8, 2015
Solvenator Premier Concrete Pump Sprayer

The new sprayer is a standard hand-pump model that Floric Polytech Inc. has retooled with fixtures and seals that stand up to solvents. This sprayer applies solvent-based materials and can be cleaned with solvents without damaging a single part.The problem: How to spray sealers and other solventbased liquids onto concrete as if they were paint. The solution: The Solvenator Premier Concrete Sprayer.

Jan 24, 2006
The Allure and the Reality of Polishing Concrete

A peacock strutting his stuffIt has become pretty clear that polished concrete is the hot market in decorative concrete right now. There was no shortage of equipment and chemical manufacturers touting the latest and greatest at the show, with each making a case for why their system was the best option on the market.

Chris Sullivan
Mar 17, 2011
Sanding and Buffing Coatings on Cast Concrete Pieces

A concrete countertop in green makes this kitchen pop.Concrete tables and countertops are held to a higher standard of appearance, feel and performance than floors and walls. And the final element of the finished piece — the interface between the concrete and the customer — is the coating.

Amy Johnson
Jul 9, 2012
Taking a Concrete Patio To The Next Level

Upper patio of a backyard made with concrete and a firepitWhen a pair of homeowners put their heads together with concrete maestro Tom Ralston, the result was three levels of outdoor grandeur.

David Searls
Nov 16, 2008
How to Survive and Thrive when Doing Decorative Concrete Overseas

In the United States, decorative concrete is advanced at a level that it is not at anywhere else. When you're overseas, be prepared to educate.In the United States, decorative concrete is advanced at a level that it is not at anywhere else. When you’re overseas, be prepared to educate.

Mike Archambault
Dec 31, 2011
A Trip Down Decorative Concrete Memory Lane with The Concretist

From floors to countertops, coloring and staining concrete has brought a lifetime of memories to this contractor. From floors to countertops, coloring and staining concrete has brought a lifetime of memories to this contractor. Columnist and self-proclaimed "concretist" takes us on a trip back to some of his favorite projects over the years.

Mike Miller
Nov 11, 2009
Generating New Business Relies on Making the Phone Ring

Making the phone ring is essential to business growth.It all starts with a call. It doesnt matter how talented or artistic or expensive or cheap you are, all new business starts with a call. New work is the lifeblood business growth.

Doug Carlton
Dec 7, 2007
A Guide to Building Concrete Fire Features

How to build concrete fire featuresThroughout the United States and Canada, even in cold climates, homeowners are clamoring for outdoor kitchens and living spaces, using concrete as the material, to enhance the beauty, comfort and resale value of their homes.

Jeffrey Girard
Oct 4, 2014
Incorporating Decorative Concrete into Public Schools

The school, which focuses on a concept called play-based learning, tries to make everything the students do count as a learning experience -- even when they are on the playground.From the playground to the locker room, decorative concrete is inspiring teachers and school administrators across the country.

Emily Dixon
May 21, 2010
Inspired Designs Using Tilt-up Concrete Construction

At the Bishop Gadsden Church in Charleston, S.C.,How the decorative concrete revolution is starting to push tilt-up walls into the 21st century.

Kelly O'Brien
Dec 18, 2008
What Causes Hot-tire Pickup on Stamped Concrete?

Example of hot-tire pick up on stamped concrete driveway and how to prevent sealer sticking to tires The issue of car tires pulling sealer from concrete is known as “hot-tire pickup.” The initial conclusion most people make when they hear “hot-tire pickup” is that a hot tire is melting the sealer and causing it to peel off the concrete.

Chris Sullivan
Aug 5, 2014
Former Preschool Teacher Now Masters the Trowel

Carved concrete by Cindee LundinYears ago, Cindee Lundin took a leave of absence from her job as a preschool teacher and enrolled at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota to work on her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. She already had two associate degrees — one in art and the other in child development. It was there that her passion to pursue art full time began.

Vanessa Salvia and Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Oct 16, 2018
New UV Sealer For Concrete Countertops

Bar top that has been sealed with a UV rated sealer.As Bob Chatterton, co-owner of Surface 519, puts it, "Countertops are just a sealing nightmare. It's asked that they be resistant to everything under the sun."

So it seems a natural correlation to make a stain- and scratch-resistant coating that uses the sun - or at least the sun's ultraviolet rays.

May 13, 2009