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How to Dominate on Instagram

Pictures on instagram should be branded with logos to ensure that brand is always consistent.To some, Instagram may seem like a platform where you go to look at pretty pictures all day. But did you know it can be a powerful money-making marketing tool that brings project opportunities for your decorative concrete business? What if I told you that by using Instagram correctly for your business, you can get discovered and dominate your market?

Danny Barrera
Jan 23, 2020
Discover the Many Facets of Concrete at the Fourth Annual Decorative Concrete LIVE!

A look from above of the entrance to the 2019 Decorative Concrete LIVE! space at World of ConcreteBe prepared to see a lot of color and whimsy at the fourth annual Decorative Concrete LIVE! during the World of Concrete Feb. 4-7, 2020 in Las Vegas. On the flip side, also be prepared to appreciate the subtleties and sophistication the same material can offer.

Jan 20, 2020
Monolithic, Minimalistic: Two Surfaces, One Canvas with Wall/Floor Concrete Finishes

Concrete floor that has a very minimal design with stains and concrete countertops.Imagine the convenience and versatility of a decorative concrete finish that can be applied to walls or floors.

Actually, it’s not a matter for the imagination. Such decorative finishes already exist.

Joe Maty
Jan 20, 2020
Acid or Water-based Stains to Color Concrete are a Matter of Personal Preference

The choice of acid or water-based stains to color concrete is near equally divided.What's the difference between concrete and decorative concrete? One of the first indicators is whether it has the dull gray color of … well, concrete, or if it incorporates a natural or even not-so-natural hue, tone or shade. Of course, there are also several ways to add color to concrete, depending on the needs and desires of the client.

K. Schipper
Mar 17, 2018
Concrete Countertop Polishing Tips and Tricks

Grinder that is used for polishing concrete countertopsConcrete countertops are a very hot item these days, and fabricating them can be much easier than you think — when you use the right tools and technique. This is the key to eliminating frustration and ultimately producing a quality product.

Nick Bertram
Apr 2, 2007
The Differences Between Mechanically and Chemically Polished Concrete

The Differences Between Mechanically and Chemically Polished ConcreteHow do you tell if a floor has been profiled correctly without the use of a testing device? As a contractor, manufacturer or customer, this is an important topic. When polished concrete initially came to the market it was mainly used for industrial and manufacturing facilities.

David Stephenson
Dec 29, 2017
Centuries-old Trade Association Welcomes Decorative Concrete

decorative concrete apprenticeship - Apprenticeships, or a system of training new generations of skilled craftsmen, have a long and rich history in many countries of the world, though it never caught on with much fervor in the United States.Apprenticeships, or a system of training new generations of skilled craftsmen, have a long and rich history in many countries of the world, though it never caught on with much fervor in the United States.

Vanessa Salvia
Mar 5, 2016
Retaining Walls: Evolving From Drab to Fab

Upclose view of the retaining wall detailsThe purpose of the retaining wall remains unchanged — to hold back dirt — but decorative concrete offers a solution to improve the appearance of retaining walls.

Rob Spiegel
Aug 10, 2007
Acrylic Stains for Concrete: A Colorful Alternative to Acid Etch

Acrylic stained concrete with blue hues in a GM showroomContractors choose acrylic stains over chemical stains for a variety of reasons. Acrylic stains offer an array of colors that chemical stains cannot. Designers and applicators are no longer limited to the eight colors commonly available with acid-based stains.

Denise Wendt
May 1, 2003
Long Overdue Concrete Overlay Install at McCarran International Airport

Concrete overlays installed at McCarran Airport give a much needed upgrade.For years, officials with the Clark County Department of Aviation knew Terminal 1 at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas was in need of a fresh concrete overlay job. Wide, deep expansion joints placed long ago posed dangers for travelers, and the airport was paying for it.

Natasha Chilingerian
Jan 16, 2013
How did David Jack Corp. produce 480 countertops in just six weeks?

Piles of concrete countertops made for a client who had a short time frame for the order.Burbank, Calif., contractor David Jack Corp. specializes in countertops. So when Los Angeles-based Reform Furniture hired the firm to cast a group of workstation tops for a client back East, it was business as usual -- with one exception.

John Strieder
Nov 17, 2005
Action at the World of Concrete 2003

Example of a cementitious topping on a concrete slab that was then polished.World of Concrete 2003 delighted the attendees with all aspects of decorative concrete from polishing to stamping and everything in between.

Mar 1, 2003
A Visit to the World of Concrete Asia

World of Concrete Asia 2006 crate being loaded by a big piece of equipment.A seminar at World of Concrete Asia was titled "What's New in Decorative Concrete," showed off colorful pictures of stamping, staining, overlays, polishing, concrete countertops and vertically carved concrete.

Doug Carlton
Jul 5, 2006
Cement Alternatives for Concrete

Pozzolans vary widely in color. Shown here, left to right, are fly ash, metakaolin, silica fume, fly ash, slag and calcined shale.Since manufacturing portland cement damages the environment, more and more concrete makers are giving alternatives a chance. According to the LEED certification system, concrete has several green qualities, including a long lifetime and recyclability. Portland cement, one of concrete’s primary ingredients, is another story.

Loretta Hall
Nov 16, 2008
The Rewards and Realities of Concrete Color Restoration

One man's loss can be another man's gain, though, and so it goes in the decorative concrete business if restoration work has a place in the portfolio.Unlike a fine wine, decorative concrete does not always age well.

And a decade or two after the first massive surge in popularity of decorative concrete, plenty of owners of residential and commercial property are realizing that their patterned, textured and colored concrete does not look like it once did.

Joe Maty
Aug 1, 2013
Residential Concrete Project Mimics River Water and Starlight

bright blue colored concrete that mimics a river with brown banksMark Womack of Monster Constructors in Fort Worth, Texas, inadvertently became something of an expert when two back-to-back clients asked him for concrete work that included fiber optic lights.

Aug 4, 2014
Faux Rock Features Roll Out Exciting New Opportunities for Concrete

Custom faux rock water feature takes this pool scene to the next level.Synthetic rock is commonplace at theme parks, zoos, aquariums, museums, resorts, hotels and many other places — and there’s a growing demand for residential applications.

Susan Brimo-Cox
Aug 15, 2001
The Rising Popularity of Custom Concrete Pool Decks

Infinity pool that is surrounded by a concrete courtyard with landscape accents.When offered the chance to help customers relax with cool pool designs, these veteran design crews dove right in.

Emily Dixon
May 31, 2009