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Admixture increases concrete's strength

BASF recently introduced Master X-Seed 55, a first-of-its-kind, strength-enhancing admixture that improves both early- and late-age strength development in concrete. It was initially launched in Europe in 2009 and gained such widespread success that BASF developed a unique formula specifically designed for North America.

The formula is a stable suspension of synthetically produced crystalline calcium silicate hydrate nanoparticles that facilitate the growth of CSH crystals between cement grains and improve the overall hydration of portland cement. The technology’s strength-enhancing property permits a reduction in the total cementitious material content of a given concrete mixture while maintaining the concrete’s compressive strength.

Master X-Seed 55 admixture provides a strength safety factor, permits earlier stripping of forms and promotes sustainable construction. It’s recommended for use in ready-mixed and precast concrete, environmentally preferred concrete and self-consolidating concrete.