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1. Saw by the CSDA Code

how to read code marks on saw bladesIf you’re new to sawing concrete, or if your business only requires you to do the work occasionally, you might want to acquaint yourself with the Blade Application Code for Diamond Saw Blades from the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

By K. Schipper
2. Choosing the Best Blade for the Concrete Task

Engrave a crete saw grooving concreteDiamonds may be forever in jewelry and James Bond movies, but when it comes to the workaday world, not so much. If they were, a good diamond saw blade could be passed on from father to son.

By K. Schipper
3. For Outdoor Rooms, Consumer Tastes Extend Beyond the Basics

Consumer tastes extend beyond the basicsConcrete patios and pool decks have long set a standard for basic backyards. But today’s consumers want much more than the basics and the industry is complying. Due to more efficient tools and techniques, complex designs can be installed quicker, easier and at a fraction of the cost.

By Vanessa Salvia
4. Using Your Concrete Cutting Saw Skills

Concrete contractor using edge grinder with diamond blade to saw cut detail in a concrete slab.Cary Grant — the Las Vegas decorative-concrete impresario, not the Hollywood movie icon — has crafted dramatic masterpieces through his company, Floor Seasons, that could be considered Oscar-worthy, if there was a decorative concrete category.

By Joe Maty
5. Things to Think About When Making the First Cut on a Polished Concrete Job

Exposing aggregate in a concrete floorWhen starting the first cut on a concrete slab, everyone wants to know how it will look when finished. Professionals know each concrete slab is different. The sheer numbers of variables mean no two pours or slabs will look the same.

By Jennifer A. Faller
6. Contemporary Art Deco Decorative Concrete Garage

To achieve the charcoal hue, he combined black quartz granules at a 75 percent ratio and smoke quartz granules at a 25 percent ratio, then added gold metallic flakes (Sulyn Industries' Gold Craft Glitter) at 5 percent of the blend.ick Fischer’s technical knowledge and artistic abilities make him a double threat in the decorative concrete world. He began his career in custom automobile painting and restoration, then moved into decorative paint finishes in commercial and residential spaces.

By Natasha Chilingerian
7. Joints: Control Your Concrete Cracks

After determining how far apart you should place the concrete control joints, how deep should you cut them? Well, that all depends on whom you ask.Tips for mastering the art of joint placement in a concrete slab.

By Stacey Enesey Klemenc

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