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The Portable Hippo Mixer for Easy Concrete Transport

Hippo Mixer has a one of a kind tipping feature to allow for easy use

Hippo Mixing machine has wheels for easy transportationThe Hippo Mixer’s easy tilt feature allows contractors to mix, transport and pour materials with unparalleled ease. With a mixing capacity of roughly 18 gallons (or 240 lbs), its high torque, 16-amp, two-speed motor makes it a natural for mixing self-leveling materials more productively while reducing operator fatigue.

The Hippo, manufactured by Wagman Polymer, will rewrite the “rules” for mixing these types of flooring systems. Typically, manufacturers’ suggest an 800 (or higher) rpm mixer to “cut” the polymer to produce the desired cross-linking. The Hippo’s drum shape and helical mixing paddle with shear bars create a vortex to provide sufficient lifting and shearing action unmatched when mixing these batch sizes. Hippo Mixing paddle gets to the bottom of the concrete and mixes it leaving no clumps.The larger-diameter paddle provides increased periphery speed, eliminating any possible flash curing of increased temperatures created by higher rpms.

For specifications showing its unique features and benefits, call (888) 837-4808 or visit the Hover Trowel Web site.

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