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Magnetic Stamps are Big Draw to Concrete Installers

Imagine you own a company that supplies concrete contractors with the tools for their trade. You offer a product that has been the industry standard for decades and is essential to most contractors in your industry. Your company sells a lot of them and they are a good source of income. Your company is a recognized industry leader as a provider of the product.

Chris Mayo
Oct 22, 2019
Consider an Overlayment's Tensile and Flexural Strength

Compressive strength — the ability of a material to withstand being compressed or pushed together — is often used to determine mortar and concrete’s quality. This makes sense for floors and overlayments as the primary forces applied to them are downward, compressive loads from traffic, equipment or anything affected by the force of gravity.

Matt Sambol
Oct 21, 2019
Concrete Decor Show: I'll be there ... will you?

Is there value in having a dedicated trade show for the decorative concrete industry? The short answer is yes. There’s tremendous value in having an industry-focused show. While there are decorative-devoted pavilions at other shows, they are just that — areas within other events.

Chris Sullivan
Oct 22, 2019
From Standard to Challenging: Custom Concrete Pervious Mix Elevates Project's Difficulty

When taking on pervious paving contracts, the San Diego-based contractor's mix design is typically accepted by clients following mock-up, as custom blends can significantly increase a project's difficulty.When taking on pervious paving contracts, the San Diego-based contractor’s mix design is typically accepted by clients following mock-up, as custom blends can significantly increase a project’s difficulty. Yet, there are always exceptions, with the most recent being the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).

Erik Pisor
Jan 20, 2017
Epoxy Aggregate Systems for Decorative Toppings

Epoxy pebble system was used to created a dolphin in this design.Generally, epoxy-aggregate systems fall into two broad categories: porous and nonporous — also called “open” and “closed” systems. The porous systems use epoxy-pebble mortar. The nonporous systems include terrazzo systems, troweled epoxy mortars and broadcast epoxy systems.

Susan Brimo-Cox
Sep 4, 2003
How to Get the Job Without Being the Low Bid

swimming pool surrounded by beautiful concrete floorWe’ve all had the phone call with a client where he lets you down gently, saying thanks, but some other contractor came in with a lower number. Sometimes it’s best to just write off those lost jobs, but how do you get the jobs you really want without having to be the lowest price?

Karen Keyes
Jan 10, 2016
A Concrete Go-cart Track at Legoland

Decorative concrete go-cart track at LegolandThe go-cart track at the Legoland Discovery Center was another challenging, yet fun, job for Chris Post of Elite Concrete Solutions LLC. The roadway hash marks required him to make a 2-by-4 jig to lay them in an evenly spaced manner all the way around the track.

Vanessa Salvia
Aug 13, 2014
A Legacy of Giving Back at the Concrete Decor Show

Imprinted concrete and inlayed graphicsA crew of trainers and the people who signed up to take their workshops transformed much of the Presbyterian Night Shelter in Fort Worth, Texas.

Vanessa Salvia
Nov 2, 2014
Epoxy Systems For Concrete Floors

Epoxies can be formulated into 100 percent solids materials or water-based emulsions, which are usually composed of 40 percent to 60 percent solids, Koury says.Known for their one-plus-one application process, epoxies promise adhesion, hardness, chemical resistance and versatility. Add color chips or metallic pigments, and they can be beautiful too.

Amy Johnson
Sep 15, 2009
Resurfacing Brings a New Dimension to Concrete

Concrete resurfacing is a way to put a new face on an existing concrete surface without removing it first.Similar to texturing walls and ceilings, texturing concrete adds color, texture and a lot of new business opportunity.

Ester Brody
Apr 16, 2002
Artistic Decorative Concrete in Public Works Projects

Frog designed from concrete stains.When a city, school or government chooses to spend a little extra money on decorative concrete, it demonstrates civic pride — and makes that lobby, city pool or roadside a little easier on the eyes.

Emily Dixon
Sep 29, 2009
Get the Golf Ball Look in a Concrete Patio

Concrete patio created by Scott Cohen of Green Scene to replicate the look of a golfball. The high-end landscape design and building firm is nationally recognized for creating custom pools, spas, fireplaces, concrete stamping and staining, ceramics and tile, outdoor kitchens, rock waterfalls and much more.

Jan 10, 2007
Creating Decorative Concrete Far Far Away

art director Sean Dunston teaches Chinese workers how to stamp with homemade materials and equipment at Universal Studios Singapore.There were even unbelievable benefits from a concrete contractor's standpoint. As Singapore is near the equator, temperatures are very stable and don't typically swing much or swing quickly. It's also quite humid. What this meant, from a concreter's standpoint, was great latitude as to contraction joints.

Mike Miller
Feb 18, 2010
Marketing Your Work With Photos

Bank entrance stained with images of coinsIn today’s world, we tend not to listen anymore. There are so many of us, we are all talking, and our words have become background noises for the stimuli that really distract us. If you want to say something today, you have to use the language that transcends culture, geography, and time. You have to use imagery.

Steven Ochs
Feb 18, 2007
From Concrete Mountains to Concrete Mine Shafts, Lakeland Makes it all

Maintenance is minimal on outdoor concrete waterfalls. The UV light is the most damaging.Near Lake Tahoe, a 24-foot tall mountain gushing numerous waterfalls, pools, and a meandering stream winding through the grounds. On the side of the mountain you can see an old, abandoned mineshaft with a rusted railcar on the siding. Birds fly from tree branch to streamside as water gently splashes over rocks. It certainly looks and sounds real, but it's not.

Susan Brimo-Cox
Jul 7, 2003
Add LEED Points by using Recycled Glass Aggregate

This concrete countertop by New York-based Concrete Central is a retail display piece for Nassau Suffolk Lumber & Supply Corp. Photo courtesy of Concrete CentralFrom crushed liquor bottles to melted bits and jelly beans, aggregate made from recycled glass is making artisans see green.

David Thompson
Sep 15, 2009
Getting Started in Concrete Stamping

Large stamped concrete circles with beige inner textured circlesThe most profitable decorative concrete jobs are usually the ones that are kept simple. Let's run through some entry-level stamping to get you started

Doug Carlton
Sep 15, 2009
Recipe: Terrific Terrazzo

Inspired by the rotors of the helicopters the client manufactures, this intricate, precise design shows off not only the contractor's technical aptitude but also terrazzo's design versatility.Our regular feature offers two step-by-step description of a unique floor that was created with good old terrazzo.

Kelly O'Brien
Jul 8, 2010