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Monolithic, Minimalistic: Two Surfaces, One Canvas with Wall/Floor Concrete Finishes

Concrete floor that has a very minimal design with stains and concrete countertops.Imagine the convenience and versatility of a decorative concrete finish that can be applied to walls or floors.

Actually, it’s not a matter for the imagination. Such decorative finishes already exist.

Joe Maty
Jan 20, 2020
Leave a Mark on Concrete with Specially Made Stencils and Stains

Stenciled wall at a metro stationContractors and artisans use specially made stencils and stains to leave their marks on decorative concrete.

Mike Dougherty
Jan 16, 2020
How to Dominate on Instagram

Pictures on instagram should be branded with logos to ensure that brand is always consistent.To some, Instagram may seem like a platform where you go to look at pretty pictures all day. But did you know it can be a powerful money-making marketing tool that brings project opportunities for your decorative concrete business? What if I told you that by using Instagram correctly for your business, you can get discovered and dominate your market?

Danny Barrera
Jan 23, 2020
How-To Design a Concrete Oven Hood - Part 1

Designing an oven hood cover pictureRather than the utilitarian mainstay of most interior precast manufacturers, the countertop, we will instead discuss how to design, engineer, fabricate and install a concrete stove hood.

Jeff Kudrick
Feb 19, 2012
Water-based Concrete Stains Grow in Popularity

This restaurant floor showcases both the durability of the product and the wide range of colors available. The compass below displays the colorful hues in more muted tones.Traditional acid-based stains may be today’s gold standard for the decorative concrete industry, but their water-based cousins are growing in popularity due to their ease of application, quick cleanup and range of colors.

K. Schipper
May 26, 2017
Recipe: ​​​​​​​Metallic Without Mud

Decorative concrete enthusiasts have their favorite recipes, just like chefs do, and if you ask, they'll share their secrets with you. Concrete Decor did just that recently with several contractors and manufacturers. Here are some of their field-tested favorites.Each layer will soften the contrast between the lights and darks as the metallic surface becomes stronger. This enables the metallic to be clean and crisp without being muddied by other pigments.

Steven Ochs
May 7, 2008
Are Your Diamond Concrete Polishing Pads Open for Business?

Resin bond diamond polishing pads for concreteWhen polishing concrete using resin- or metal-bonded diamond abrasives, how do you know that the diamonds under your machine are functioning effectively?

Jennifer A. Faller
Aug 20, 2011
Strengthen Your Friendships with Architects and Designers

drawing of building with architecture Being a successful concrete professional requires more than skill with trowels, colors and coatings. You also need to network. Networking requires investments in both time and infrastructure, but you will almost definitely see an increase in your business if you are thoughtful about your approach.

Mark Donaldson
Jan 4, 2016
Stencil Line Targets Concrete Applications

Melanie Royals applied NewLook stain on her stencil that was laid out on concrete.Melanie Royals started out working on her own techniques and designs as an answer to problems she perceived in the stenciling industry. In 2003, Royals introduced Modello designs to the decorative painting industry, a fresh concept she called “the art of decorative masking.” This line of stencils, called Modellos, differed from Mylar stencils in that they are one-time use adhesive-backed vinyl patterns.

Jacqueline Valle
Aug 8, 2016
How Adding Color to Concrete Sealers Creates Beautiful Effect

Create a new look by adding color to your concrete sealer.A practical and less expensive way to create unique surface treatments for enhanced color finishes on concrete is to add color to the concrete sealer.

Craig Park
Apr 1, 2002
Medical Facilities Turning to Decorative Concrete

A closer look at decorative concrete making its way into medical facilitys across the U.S. and beyond.A closer look at decorative concrete making its way into medical facilitys across the U.S. and beyond.

Emily Dixon
Nov 10, 2010
Wall Art All About 'Sustaining Life' at 2019 Decorative Concrete LIVE!

 Using recycled and natural material, artisan Cindee Lundin worked her magic once again during Decorative Concrete LIVE! at the 2019 World of Concrete.Using recycled and natural material, artisan Cindee Lundin worked her magic once again during Decorative Concrete LIVE! at the 2019 World of Concrete.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Apr 27, 2019
Prepping Your Finished Concrete Surface for a Sealer

How to fix cloudy sealer on concrete surfaces.

Surface preparation is a commonly used term in the decorative concrete industry. An argument can be made that it might even just be the most used term in the industry. We hear or read about it most often when dealing with overlays and stains. Grind, scarify, acid etch, etc.

Chris Sullivan
Apr 9, 2011
Gaye Goodman and Roy Snowball - A Collaboration of Opposites

Acid stained art on concrete by Gaye Goodman and Roy Snowball.Gaye Goodman discusses a collaboration with artist Roy Snowball

Gaye Goodman
Jun 14, 2011
Sales and Marketing Techniques for Decorative Concrete Contractors

Contractor talking with customer about his decorative concrete product and why he should choose his method. Sales and Marketing your services is essential.Learning the necessary skills required for this type of concrete work produces high-quality results! Concrete Decor shares some. It’s one of the truest and simplest maxims in the world of business: You won’t be successful if people don’t know about you.

Bruce Hackett and Lindy Ausburne
Jun 1, 2001
Taking a Concrete Patio To The Next Level

Upper patio of a backyard made with concrete and a firepitWhen a pair of homeowners put their heads together with concrete maestro Tom Ralston, the result was three levels of outdoor grandeur.

David Searls
Nov 16, 2008
What Is In A Concrete Stamping Toolkit

Stamping mats for concrete come in a various sizes and shapes but make sure you have all of the ingredients in your toolkit before attempting a concrete stamping job.

Your Stamping Concrete Toolkit needs to contain basic concrete finishing tools as well as tools for stamping concrete. Look at what you should have on hand when doing a stamping concrete job.

Feb 1, 2004
Ask Concrete Decor: Acid Staining, Powder Release Agents and More

Ask Concrete Decor a question, have it answered.Need to have a decorative concrete question answered? Ask it!

I am new to acid staining and would like to know the best floor prep for staining on old and new concrete?

Feb 11, 2001