WearCOAT 440FS Epoxy Floor Coating Formulated for Superior Resistance to Amine Blush

To help avoid amine blush, Coatings for Industry, Inc. (CFI) now offers WearCOAT 440FS, a fast-setting epoxy floor coating in a blush-resistant formula. A common issue with cool-temperature floor coating jobs, amine blush is an oily surface imperfection caused by moisture or dew settling on uncured epoxy. While not fatal […]

Overlay’s Polished Image
Remains Tried and TRU

What makes CTS Rapid Set TRU such an industry leader when it comes to thin, polishable overlays? Speaking from an ingredient’s standpoint, it would be its low-shrinkage cement, says Matt Sambol, vice president of product development for CTS Cement Manufacturing Corp. Belitic calcium sulfoaluminate cement, BCSA for short, shrinks very […]

North Carolina Adopts ACI Concrete Repair Code

North Carolina Adopts ACI Concrete Repair Code

On September 14, 2021, the North Carolina Building Code Council (BCC) voted to accept ACI’s proposal. This proposal would amend the 2018 North Carolina Existing Building Code to reference ACI CODE-562 Code Requirements for the Assessment, Repair and Rehabilitation of Existing Concrete Structures. The North Carolina Rules Review Commission subsequently […]

Metso Outotec Reactorwell

Metso Outotec Reactorwell Feed System Maximizes Thickener and Clarifier Performance

Metso Outotec is launching the Metso Outotec Reactorwell. This is  a new generation feedwell  for maximizing thickener and clarifier performance. It does this while minimizing flocculant consumption and bringing significant operational cost efficiencies. The first-class feed system features high solids retention and mixing efficiency. It eliminates feed short-circuiting and offers […]