Christopher Allen, CEO of iCleanse

CEO of iCleanse is Available for Interviews on Covid-19 Disinfection Using UV-C Technology

Christopher Allen, CEO of iCleanse, the leader in chemical free disinfection of COVID-19 and other pathogens with their patented UV-C Technology, is available for interviews on trends in Coronavirus disinfection in nursing homes and other medical facilities using UV-C Technology. iCleanse has partnered with Athena Health Care to provide Athena’s […]

Vacuworx Online Training Program

The Vacuworx commitment to safety does not end with product development. Recognizing that implementing and enforcing safety protocols can sometimes be quite difficult, especially amid rising costs of doing business, Vacuworx has introduced an industry-leading training program, the Vacuworx Online Training Program, to provide unparalleled access to information to help […]

New WF XBoard Tile Ledger by Deck-O-Seal Solves Pool Utility Board Flexibility Challenges

Deck-O-Seal, a leader in pool construction products innovation, has launched their new WF XBoard Tile Ledger and Form Board. This flexible, forming utility board gives pool contractors the freedom to work in tighter spaces because it bends easily to form a smaller radius of six feet, ideal for circular installations, […]