Stampcrete Offers ADA-compliant Stamps

Stampcrete International Ltd. has a new ADAcompliant stamping tool for producing detectable warnings for curb ramps, crosswalks and transit platforms. Detectable warnings — and specifically, truncated domes — are now an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirement for detecting the boundary between the sidewalk and the street. Grooves, exposed aggregate […]

New Epoxy Regulates Moisture Transmission

Key Resin Co. offers a solution to moisture-related failure in seamless concrete flooring with Epocon, a unique epoxy technology that helps regulate moisture vapor transmission through concrete substrates. With 100 times greater permeability than standard epoxy slurries and mortars, Epocon systems offer a unique solution to moisture related problems and […]

Masonry Saws Get the Job Done

Multiquip’s new “Mason Pro” Masonry Saws provide highquality professional cutting performance for a wide variety of materials — stone, ceramics, pavers, brick, block and other masonry products. The MP1 Series is designed for vigorous masonry cutting applications and combines high performance and portability in one compact package. The saws are […]