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1. Deciding on Which Concrete Sealer Depends on the Job

Deciding which concrete sealer is best largely depends on the jobSometimes it pays to think outside the box. Justin Vollmerhausen of Colorado Hard Surfaces did just that, and now he has stamped concrete patios that still look like new after five years

By K. Schipper
2. Admix makes creating with GFRC easier

Trinic, a worldwide provider of concrete solutions, released its latest in admix technology, TEC 10.

3. Trinic Releases Complete Line of Pre-Blended GFRC Products

Trinic is very excited to announce the release of our complete line of Pre-blended GFRC products Including a unique ECC/ SCC version with even the fiber included.

4. Hybrid Concrete Sealer Promises a Change for the Better

brown decorative concrete It’s no secret that most people think sealers are the Achilles’ heel of decorative concrete. You can do nearly everything perfectly while installing your concrete masterpiece only to have something like a sealer decimate all your good efforts.

By Doug Carlton
5. 10 Tips to Have a More Successful Concrete Business

Concrete Decor magazine 100th issueIf your business is operating smoothly, you may not think some of the things you do every day have contributed to your success because they seem so basic. But when you encounter a business that doesn’t do some of these fundamental things, you may discover how important simple day-to-day acts and decisions are.

6. How to Bend GFRC (Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete)

Warping GFRC Most people don't think of concrete as being bendable but it is, even in its hardened state. That said, bending and warping concrete is more manageable while it is still in its plastic state.Most people don’t think of concrete as being bendable but it is, even in its hardened state. That said, bending and warping concrete is more manageable while it is still in its plastic state.

By Mark Celebuski
7. One of a Kind Concrete Chandeliers & Faux-Bois Furniture

Michael Fogg concrete faux-bois furnitureConnecticut-based faux-bois artisan Michael Fogg spent eight years as a journeyman cabinetmaker and architectural woodworker. He then managed his own cabinetmaking business for six years before feeling stifled.

By Vanessa Salvia
8. New Trinic Stage II Blended Powder Hardener & Accelerator
9. 7 Tips to Take Your Concrete Countertops to the Next Level

Decorative concrete countertops - Clay caulk from an extruder will bring your edges to the next level. With silicone caulk, the clock starts ticking as soon as the caulk hits the open air.Turn your little concrete countertop shop into a that big business by getting your projects out the door sooner.

By Mark Celebuski
10. Silica vs. silica: What's the difference as far as concrete and health are concerned?

Crystalline silica (quartz) is the form of silica that OSHA is writing the new regulations to cover, it is a health hazard. It is not reactive with portland cement, meaning it does not cause ASR (alkali-silica reactivity) regardless of particle size.There is a huge difference between amorphous silica and crystalline silica as far as your health and your concrete is concerned. The difference between the two is at the atomic level.

By Mark Celebuski

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 20