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World of Concrete 2018 Annual Rite of Winter was Ripe with Innovation

World of Concrete 2018 exceeded everyone’s expectations in January by attracting more than 58,000 registered professionals and nearly 1,600 participating companies, including about 300 brand-new exhibitors. The 43rd such show to date, the signature event encompassed almost 750,000 square feet of exhibit space, of which Decorative Concrete LIVE! claimed nearly […]

WOC 2018: Mall of Concrete is Shaping Up

Visitors to World of Concrete 2018 in Las Vegas Jan. 23-26 will have a chance to get better acquainted with a unique form of, well … concrete forms. The Omaha, Nebraska-based Fox Blocks, a division of Airlite Plastics Co., will provide the wall system for the Mall of Concrete at Decorative Concrete LIVE!