FutureCem Launching in France and Benelux

Cementir further exploits FutureCem by launching in France and Benelux.
Since January 2022, Cementir Group, through its subsidiary CCB, has been distributing FutureCem in the French and Benelux markets. This is following the strategic roll-out of this technology as part of the Cementir Group ambitious sustainable roadmap towards 2030 and beyond. This new and more sustainable cement technology developed by Cementir Group has already received a warm welcome by the Danish market in 2021. There are already sales development in line with plans.

These deployments in Europe place Cementir Group at the forefront as the leader in sustainable and low carbon cement. This is based on limestone calcined clay technology.

After the commercialization in Denmark in 2021, FutureCem roll-out is accelerating in Cementir Group’s European markets. CCB, Cementir Group subsidiary in Belgium, has commercialized FutureCem since 2022 in the French and Benelux markets.

According to Eddy Fostier, Managing Director of CCB, FutureCem is one of our strategic actions to tackle climate change. This is provided that cement and concrete will continue to play a key role as the building materials of the future:

Thanks to the joint efforts of the Group and CCB teams, FutureCem technology is the main pillar for CCB low carbon transition within the Group roadmap. This product technology is matching the customer needs. It is highlighted through a specific survey carried out across the most relevant market areas and applications. I’m fully convinced that FutureCem will play a relevant role in the decarbonization of the construction industry, where cement and concrete are essential building materials both in the present and in the future.

Step toward sustainability

FutureCem is a giant step on the way towards more sustainable cement production. This is immensely important looking at the achievement of our sustainability goals in Cementir Group. It is also an important contribution to the green transition of the concrete and construction industries in general. Cementir Group is fully committed to accelerate FUTURECEM™ technology roll-out within our subsidiaries and beyond, expanding its geographical reach, says Chief Sales, Marketing & Commercial Development Officer at Cementir Holding, Michele Di Marino.

Following the certification according to EN and local standards in 2021, in line with Cementir Group customer-centric approach, our commercial teams, together with the R & D Center, have been interacting with key customers to shape a customized value proposition for the identified applications segments: RMC, precast, dry mix and general contractors. Customers receive full support in the implementation phase of FutureCem in their production process.

Additional promotion

Cementir Group is also promoting down to the value chain an eco-sustainable RMC offer. They are doing this through C-Green within all its plants in Belgium and in France. They are doing this by leveraging on circularity (use of recycled aggregates) and low CO2 emission footprint (FutureCem technology and other blended cements).

The Group has gradually prioritized, also in its commercial approach, sustainability as the key driver in its overall value proposition. This means firstly to rethink solutions portfolios rather than just products. This is true both in cement and concrete towards a low carbon footprint. It also means any opportunity to improve the overall impact of CO2 in their lifecycle. Currently, Cementir Group has been implementing a global strategic program of initiatives to incorporate FutureCem technology in its global offer.

Within its innovation pipeline, under InWhite, Cementir Group launched UHPC solutions with FurtureCem technology already in late 2019. This new technology has already powered white cement-based innovative pre-mixes such as Aalborg Extreme and Aalborg Excel. There are two new solutions. These are InBind, whch is a highly customized binder solution for HPC applications. The other is ReCover – UHPC for bridges’ overlay.  Each will launch on the market in 2022 to match customers’ needs for low carbon applications.

Cementir Group has been always looking at innovation, with plans for the continuous development of FutureCem technology by leveraging on its Aalborg-based R & D centre. Cementir with the Danish Technological Institute has launched CALLISTE (Calcined Clay-Limestone Technology Extension) applied research initiative, built on FutureCem technology. This is aiming at reaching a CO2 reduction as high as 50% compared with conventional Portland cement. The goal is to make this happen by the end of 2024.

About FutureCem technology

FutureCem is an innovative, validated and patented technology. It allows more than 35 % of clinker substitution in cement with limestone and calcined clay. Leveraging on their unique synergy, this materials’ combination in FutureCem has resulted in a more sustainable and performing cement with up to 30 % lower carbon footprint compared to ordinary Portland cement. And the low carbon benefits of FutureCem will come to fruition, preserving strengths and quality.

FutureCem technology is fully recognized as a solution for clinker ratio reduction. This is important in the roadmap for “Low Carbon transition in the cement industry” by the International Energy Agency –2018 and as “low clinker cements” in the “Cementing the European Green Deal”-2020. This makes Cementir Group the frontrunner. It also enjoys formal recognition into EN 197-5 European standard for even further clinker substitution with II/C-M cements (up to 50%).

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