Decorative Concrete Makes Its Television Debut

If you have ever dreamed of seeing your work displayed on a worldwide level, you will want to read this article. The decorative concrete industry is soon to get the exposure that it deserves.

We all have one guy to thank, because he never gave up on the dream of taking concrete to a “headliner” level. Wes Vollmer is truly one of the good guys of our business. When he called me late on a Sunday evening not long ago, I could tell in his voice he was about to break something big. If you have had a chance to meet this guy than you know his excitement for our trade.

Wes is on the verge of taking concrete to another level with the introduction of a new television show called “Concrete Nation” that will begin airing on Fox television stations in October. The goal of “Concrete Nation” is to document the building of a house made mostly of concrete. The intent is to show the world the beauty of concrete when put into the hands of artists.

Wes will oversee the nuts and bolts of the project, but he was quick to point out that he is bringing in some heavy hitters to produce the show itself. Ernest Cartwright and Ashley Gracile are both executive producers of “Concrete Nation” and they will be busy working with Wes to create a show that will prove there are no limits to the decorative concrete industry.

The “Concrete Nation” home is being built in Fountain Hills, Ariz., with the help of local architect Terry Kilbane. The Sonoran desert will make the perfect backdrop for what is sure to be a fine creation of concrete and color. The show will air weekly, showing the progression of the new home and the interactions between the homeowners and contractors.

Wes didn’t go into great detail about the planned final look of the home when built, but he pointed out that the end result will be something that will benefit everyone involved in our industry. Wes feels that decorative concrete is due for this type of exposure on a worldwide stage. He made it perfectly clear that this show is about every concrete artist who has ever dreamed of the potential of our industry. Having known this guy for years it’s easy for me to believe him. Wes’s goal is to promote our industry in a fashion that will create demand for every person related to the decorative concrete industry. I’m betting he is going to do just that.

If you’re asking yourself how you can get involved and benefit from “Concrete Nation” then read on. Wes is looking to create a network of contractors that members of the viewing audience can find in their areas. It sounds like the show will channel people to a website that will give them a chance to connect with decorative concrete artists. The potential for new leads is huge and nothing on television has come close to this type of exposure for our industry.

The “Concrete Nation” website is also looking for your best pictures. Wes wants to see thousands of pictures showing all the possibilities of concrete. Stamped, stained, polished and any other form of decorative concrete you can take high-quality pictures of are welcome, with full credit given to the artists. The vision here is to bring all facets of our industry onto one stage and deliver a knockout punch to the viewers of “Concrete Nation.”

Finally, “Concrete Nation” could use your help. Tell as many customers as possible about the show. If the show gets enough exposure, Fox is more likely to continue to air “Concrete Nation,” allowing more projects and episodes to be displayed. The upside is huge if we can get out and spread the good word about our concrete industry.

I would encourage anyone interested in more info or in finding out how to participate to go to

With so many exciting forms of exposure for our industry that have surfaced as of late, the strong foothold of decorative concrete is easy to see. They can all help you. Don’t just think “Concrete Nation” – utilize Concrete Decor and other decorative concrete media sources to promote your work. Don’t overlook the power of these sources to gain new customers and leads for your business.

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