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CPAA Adopts New Position on Measurement of Polished Concrete Floors' Slip-Resistance

polished concrete floor slip resistanceIn April 2015 the Concrete Polishing Association of America (CPAA) adopted a new position on the measurement of slip resistance of bonded-abrasive polished concrete floors.

Concrete Saw Cut Artistry - Precision is Paramount

Game of Millimeters: Precision is paramountIt’s a game of inches. That’s the cliché heard about baseball, and often about other sports as well. And why not? It’s a saying that rings true and also applies to decorative concrete and polished concrete, where precision matters down to the millimeter, let alone the inch.

J.C. Penney Chooses Polished Concrete Over Other Flooring Options

A huge national remodeling project for the department store chain has kept concrete polishing contractors busy this year.A huge national remodeling project for the department store chain has kept concrete polishing contractors busy this year.

Applying Concrete Densifiers -- Feel Good About Rejection

Box store used densifier prior to polishing concrete.One message comes through loud and clear in any discussion, debate or disagreement about the various types of densifiers used in concrete polishing.

Almost all of them work, with one exception...

Color Repairs Explained in Black and White

shiny brown polished floorOver the last few months I’ve had multiple projects with issues related to color. I feel it will benefit Concrete Decorreaders to understand the process for corrections as well as some simple tips and tricks for achieving desired results.

Reflecting on Polished Concrete and How To Continue Improving Your Skills

A person climbing steps- looking to get better with every lesson and every job.We're good, but we're not perfect. Once we start thinking that we know everything, or that polished concrete is right for every situation, then we are in trouble. In this economy, we cannot afford a single misstep. Now is the time to focus on running a business correctly, and that includes being aboveboard and ethical in dealings with our customers and vendors.

Allen introduces Mechanical Super Pro Rider
When to Use or Not Use Dry-Shake Color Hardener

Throwing color hardener on concrete.Some say avoid this combination altogether. But others say it can be done well — as long as contractors are aware of potential pitfalls.

When to Test Your Polished Concrete Job

Person sitting at a computer with a yellow pen and paper taking notes.Know what you are defining with your tests and work descriptions. Your intent is that the architect/owner/GC will be taking you at your word as a professional, an expert.

Historic Middle School Installs Polished Concrete to Restore Image

Middle school hallway lined with lockers and polished concrete floors.“As functional as it is beautiful,” was how Dr. Robert Feirsen, superintendent of Garden City, New York, schools, described the polished concrete used in the new addition and renovation of the city’s middle school.

The Alamodome in San Antonio Installs Polished Concrete

alamodomeStone Care of Texas, based in San Antonio, was called upon to restore the flooring to its original state and provide a low-maintenance solution.

Concretivity, from Couture Concrete Systems
An Arizona High School Teaches Concrete Skills

Polished concrete in a high school space that has purple walls and lime green accents.A high school teaching students the finer points of polishing? Compass High School has added pouring, finishing and polishing concrete to its vocational programming.

Polished Concrete Installed at Harley-Davidson Dealership

Polished Concrete in Harley Davidson DealershipThe owners and designers of a new Harley-Davidson dealership near Boston are revved up about the unconventional, highly varied appearance of the renovated building’s polished concrete floor.

Creative Color Solutions at an Epic Concrete Polishing Job

Polished concrete at high school and epic concrete polishing job.Surfacing Solutions Inc., Temecula, Calif., got a refresher on one central principle of polished concrete as the company produced some 175,000 square feet of densified concrete floor surfaces at the glittering new San Marcos High School in Southern California.

Beautiful Decorative Concrete Projects In San Diego

Lithomosaic in San Diego sunburst colorful yellows and oranges spoke from the center.San Diego County is known far and wide for its beautiful weather, interesting people and endless summer atmosphere. So it was with great anticipation when San Diego was picked as the site for the 2016 Concrete Decor Show Sept. 25-29 that it was destined to be one showstopper of a show. And all indications point to that premonition coming true.

Dyed Concrete Floor Celebrates Earth Day

They used a 32-inch Diamatic 780 Ultra concrete grinder with diamond bonds ranging from soft to medium hard, then finished up with grit resins from 50 to 800.There was plenty of flooring to do before Alfalfa’s Market, a new natural foods store, could open on Earth Day in a former Whole Foods space in Boulder, Colo.

Concrete Contractor Touts His Hardworking Team as the Key to His Success

A look at the Puma store with gray concrete overlay on the floor.For Martin R. Smith, president of Rockerz Inc., running a successful business is all about the people on your team. “I’m really driven, myself,” he says, “and I like to hire people who rise to the challenge. Personality, to me, is what sets certain people apart.”

Tips and Techniques: Polishable Overlay Installation

The Nordstrom Rack clothing store in Aventura, Fla., contains 7,000 square feet of polished overlay, including this aisle. The project is the work of Creative Concrete Services, Lakeland, Fla. Photos courtesy of CTS Cement ManufacturingIn terms of decorative options, existing concrete slabs are limited to topical color systems. In many cases these coloration processes are subject to fading and wear and are sensitive in high-moisture environments. You’ll find more versatility in 3/8-inch concrete overlays. Not only do you have a choice of UV-stable integral colors, but you can also choose from several types of aggregates.

Polished Concrete Gloss Testing: Think it Over Before You Commit

portable gloss meters Polished concrete - how does one quantify it? Well, one direction that some installers, equipment makers and chemical densifier manufacturers have taken is to include gloss testing in their specifications. When used correctly, as an objective tool, gloss testing can help installers provide quantifiable evidence of their work.

Pricing a Polished Concrete Job

Two people doing paperwork at a desk with computersPricing a polished concrete job is hardly cut and dried. There are many things to consider. There are more obvious factors, such as labor, fuel (diesel will probably be your largest expense next to labor), tooling, and travel expenses. There are also various factors about the floor itself that must be considered.

Listening to Your Customers Pays Off in the End

Listening to your audienceBeing successful in business, as in life, is knowing when to be right, and when to allow the other person their thoughts and views, especially when the “other” person is a potential or existing customer.

The Mission of the Concrete Polishing Association of America

The CPAA logo - Concrete Polishing Association of AmericaEach job brings a unique set of challenges to the polishing process. Understanding what concrete is, how it is placed, and the many variations that can take place from region to region are just a few of the crucial steps when specifying or contracting.

How to Keep Up in the Ever-Changing Polished Concrete Industry

Light reflecting on mirrored tiles.The polished concrete industry has seen growth, especially during the past three years, that is both encouraging and depressing. Whenever one has been part of an industry since its birth, he tends to be a little territorial. So, when change occurs, especially if it's not in one's own best interest, one often gets protective and possibly a little jaded. This doesn't have to happen.

Developing Effective Polishing Specifications for a School

A schoolhouse on a gray background.Recently an architect who was writing the polished concrete specification for a school district contacted me when he recognized that he did not know enough. The good news is that he asked for help in crafting an informative and realistic specification that allows educated bids with room for profit.