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Concrete Polishing

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How Densifiers Help with Concrete Maintenance

The use of diamond pads to get out of a jam or cut corners is often money- or time-motivated.In the 1990s, when concrete polishing took off in the United States, silicate hardener/densifiers were rarely used. Now, a concrete floor is not considered properly polished if densifier has not been applied to rejection.

Floor flatness and levelness can severely affect polished concrete pricing

shimmery grey floor with shelves on sideFloor flatness (FF) and floor levelness (FL) are measurements by which architects can hold concrete placement contractors accountable and provide a quality control level during the initial placement of concrete slabs.

Polished Perspectives: You're Not Done When You're Done
How Do Successful Concrete Contractors Choose the Right Manufacturers?

Concrete Warehouse FloorChoosing the right manufacturer is a dilemma every contractor in our industry faces every day. I’ve heard many analogies used to describe the decorative concrete industry over the years, but two comparisons have always resonated the most: “Polished Concrete is part Art and part Construction,” and “The polishing industry is still the Wild West.”

Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, Fla.
Building Your Knowledge Bank Leads to Success in Decorative Concrete

Educating yourself in the products available can lead to success on many levels.In today’s economy, it is even more important to make an investment in the bank. In this case I’m not referring to money in the bank, though that is important. I’m referring to knowledge in your brain bank. 

Integrally Colored Concrete in Today's Economy

How integral color has continued to establish itself in a down economy - and what’s next.

Tips for Grinding and Polishing Seeded Glass in Overlays

Grinding and Polishing Seeded Glass in Overlays

New Technology Delivers the Shine to Concrete Without the Grind

Multiquip's SlabArmor process showing a concrete construction working riding on a concrete polishing machine.Beauty may only be skin deep, but the performance qualities of an MQ Whiteman SlabArmor concrete surface are just as impressive as the strikingly good looks the SlabArmor system delivers.

Concrete Crafters Blend Applications at Popular Microbrewery

There’s a little bit of art and a little bit of science involved in the making of beer. And when the popular Sun King Brewing Co. in Indianapolis, Ind., needed an upgrade to its floors, the local flooring contractor contacted to handle the job applied the same mixed approach.

How to gauge grinders for polished concrete jobs

Before purchasing a grinding/polishing machine, polished concrete contractors must determine what types of jobs they are seeking -- smaller custom-design projects or larger-volume ones.Before purchasing a grinding/polishing machine, polished concrete contractors must determine what types of jobs they are seeking — smaller custom-design projects or larger-volume ones.

The Three Stages of Grinding and Polishing Concrete Countertops

Grinding a concrete countertopAchieving a fine polished look in concrete countertops requires using progressively finer grits of diamond pads.

Problems with Curing Compound and Wet-Grind Scratch Rows on Concrete

Problems with Curing Compound and Wet-Grind Scratch RowsA dissipating cure is exactly the right compound to use on a polished concrete floor. Generally, these types of curing compounds break down from traffic and exposure to sunlight and are mostly gone within a few weeks.

Digital-Age Synergy: Polished concrete clicks in California's high-tech mecca

Concrete floor that looks like railroad timbersWhat might computer users learn when they google the terms “google” and “polished concrete?”

Thoughts on Polishing: The Lack of Maintenance Standards is a Debacle

Maintaining polished concrete can be confusing from the abundance of systems in the marketplaceThe polished concrete industry has been plagued with a slew of maintenance systems that confuse and aggravate end users of polished concrete. Many suppliers of tools, equipment, chemicals and cleaning products rush to offer systems of maintenance, none of them adequately tested or proven.

High-Octane Vibe: Polished Concrete in Harley Davidson Dealership

Polished Concrete in Harley Davidson DealershipThe owners and designers of a new Harley-Davidson dealership near Boston are revved up about the unconventional, highly varied appearance of the renovated building’s polished concrete floor.

Prepping For The Future of Polished Concrete

prepping for the future graphicThe best way to predict the future is to learn from history. However, the polished concrete industry is a very young industry. One cannot look to the history of polished concrete to make predictions about its future. One has to look instead at the histories of the established flooring industries and other related industries.

An Arizona High School Teaches Concrete Skills

A high school teaching students the finer points of polishing? Compass High School has added pouring, finishing and polishing concrete to its vocational programming.

Stripping Concrete: Mechanical or Chemical?

Polished concrete floor with a high-gloss and reflective coating.When it comes to decorative concrete on floors, sometimes you have to take it off before you lay it down. Take a closer look at your two basic options when clearing the way for new work.

Dealing with Delaminations in a Concrete Surface

delamination cracks all over concrete surfaceConcrete placement is never easy, with many variables such as wind, sun, ambient temperature and humidity to consider as they all affect each pour. The mix design and consideration of the actual makeup of the concrete and possible additives are just as important. 

Century Old, Elegantly Colored & Polished Concrete Surfaces

Once all of the coloring was done, Colour densified the floor and polished it with 800-grit resin diamondsPolishing worked wonders when artisans set out to restore an almost-century-old, flaw-riddled floor for a shopping arcade.

Polished Floor Maintenance Made Easy with a Three-Stage Plan

San Antonio Decorative Concrete: The Alamodome

alamodomeContractor: Stone Care of Texas,  San Antonio, Texas

Stone Care of Texas, based in San Antonio, was called upon to restore the flooring to its original state and provide a low-maintenance solution.

Perfectly Unpretty: Concrete Work in Illinois Holocaust Museum Speaks to Design Aesthetic

The front entrance of the Illinois Holocaust Museum Concrete Re-Surfacing Technologies Inc. of Palos Park, Ill., was brought in to finish 8,000 square feet of plain concrete floor at the new Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center, one of the nation's largest memorials to the loss of millions of innocent lives during some of Europe's darkest hours. 

Polishing and Engraving a Logo into a Concrete Basketball Court

Sacramento Kings Basketball court concrete floor polished and engraved concrete.A technique that incorporates an embossed team logo, handsome basketball-inspired line art and a beautifully rich planking pattern into one stunning polished and engraved floor.