Concrete Furniture

Usually precast but can be poured on-site in all colors and textures, concrete furniture includes tables, chairs, benches and a never-ending list of accessories from lamps and stools to planters and bookcases.

A cut of the concrete table that takes the shape of a machine cog

Cogs of the Machine:
Artisans use concrete
to get entryway into gear

A giant-sized concrete gear table inspired by Ayn Rand’s novel, “Atlas Shrugged,” greets all who venture into the lobby of 145 Palisade St. in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Located on the banks of the Hudson River, the repurposed commercial building once housed the circa 1853 Anchor Brewing Co. However, today […]

Carved concrete coffee table on a mutli-colored area rug.

Polished Concrete Tops Off Coffee Table

When Cody Carpenter invited Warren Ness as the vertical concrete carving instructor for Carpenter’s Plan B Studio training program last fall in Tacoma, Washington, Ness detailed plans to make a coffee table. It would resemble a large boulder with pops of color, dendritic plant embellishments and a flat top. The […]

A Close Encounter with Concrete: Michael Littlefield, Mélange Studio

A Close Encounter with Concrete: Michael Littlefield, Mélange Studio

Michael Littlefield founded Mlange Studio in 2006, so he could transition his business away from stamping and into interior applications, furniture and decor. Michael Littlefield’s first close encounter with concrete happened in the spring of 1980 when he was just 5 years old. His family was building a new house, […]

A concrete fireplace with clean, geometric lines that give the space a modern feel.

Architectural Elements featuring Concrete and Other Materials in Clean, Geometric Forms

Inspired by urban living, Eric Weil, sculptor and founder of Oso Industries in Brooklyn, and his team individually handcraft multi­functional furniture and architectural elements featuring concrete and other materials in clean, geometric forms. In 1996 Weil graduated from Oberlin College where he studied sculpture. He also studied woodcarving in Ghana, […]