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Stay Safe on the Job Site with the Proper Personal Protective Equipment

Man troweling concrete with gloves and a hard hatIn recent months, most of the safety emphasis in the industry has been on crystalline silica and new regulations designed to keep it out of concrete workers’ lungs.

Both equipment manufacturers and contractors have worked hard to come up with new products and processes to keep their workers safe.

K. Schipper
Nov 27, 2018
Museum Blends History with Multiple Processes and New Concrete Products

To commemorate a colony that contributed much to Texas, the Texas Historical Commission had a museum built that uses decorative concrete to capture history.To commemorate a colony that contributed much to Texas, the Texas Historical Commission had a museum built that uses decorative concrete to capture history.

Jeff Bonkiewicz
Nov 22, 2018
Testing Concrete Slabs for Moisture

Technology continues to do its part to turn working with concrete from an art into a science. Take the matter of moisture in concrete slabs.Technology continues to do its part to turn working with concrete from an art into a science. Take the matter of moisture in concrete slabs.

K. Schipper
Nov 26, 2018
L. M. Scofield Presents Its 2013 Decorative Concrete Awards

A large yellow pansy with a purple center is stained onto concrete floor.L. M. Scofield is pleased to announce the winners of its Fifth Annual Decorative Concrete Awards contest. The contest is open to any contractor, architect or designer who uses or specifies Scofield Systems. Projects are judged on skill of installation, creativity, artistic expression, and integration with the overall design intent.

Apr 4, 2013
Metakaolin: The Pozzolan for Decorative Concrete

Pozzolans are supplementary cementitious admixtures that react with lime to form more CSH. The additional CSH increases the cementitious bonds in the concrete to make it stronger.Decorative concrete contractors are discovering the many benefits of metakaolin, an admixture that makes concrete brighter, denser and more workable.

Michael Chusid
Feb 27, 2005
ASTM Looks Out for Workers' Health Regarding Acid Etching Concrete

ASTM Logo - helping our world work betterASTM International is one of the largest voluntary standards development organizations in the world — a trusted source for technical standards for materials, products, systems and services. Standards developed at ASTM are the work of more than 30,000 ASTM members.

Tamryn Doolan
Aug 2, 2007
ASCC's Decorative Concrete Council Names 2018 Award Winners

Based on plant morphology, the mosaic patterns were designed by ABG's Landscape Design and Planning Manager. T.B. Penick helped translate the conceptual sketches into full construction documents, including stone color, size, arrangement and installation methodology.The Decorative Concrete Council, a specialty council of the American Society of Concrete Contractors, announced the winners of its 10th annual Decorative Concrete Awards competition. The winners were recognized at a ceremony Jan. 24 at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas.

Mar 26, 2018
Concrete Stenciling and Flattooing for the Kids

The choice of decorative concrete was made by the students themselves. "We don't have much greenery (on campus), so painting the concrete was the idea," said Allea Fraker, seventh grade teacher and student council advisor. "They (the student council) found that the staining would be longer-lasting."Coping with midday desert heat, Glendale, Ariz., company Excalibur Designs in Concrete recently donated its time and labor to complete a decorative Flattoo project for Dos Rios Elementary School.

Erik Pisor
Aug 8, 2010
Should You Coat Concrete or Not?

Polished concrete coating shows foot traffic patterns in the middle of this box store's aisle shows where the semi-topical sealer has worn off the concrete in a short time. From huge industrial manufacturing plants and nationwide retail stores to restaurants and residences across the country, polished concrete has become a very popular flooring option over the last decade.

Clif Rawlings
Mar 5, 2016
Bubbles, Balloons and Broken Glass: Concrete Ideas from Outside the Box

A floor in whole foods where a balloon of pigment was dropped on a floor to get the desired affect.Mike Miller explores examples of the concept of sensory concrete, which gives the material a voice. Sometimes the material is the concrete itself, and sometimes it's the material or the process influencing the concrete.

Mike Miller
Apr 9, 2010
Concrete that Smells Delicious

Concrete table tops impregnated with coffee grounds and vanilla beans.Aggregates that glow and sparkle. Scented concrete. Salted concrete. Cremated ashes in concrete ... Just some of the out-there options that are only offered by this industry.

Amy Johnson
Oct 6, 2010
Series of Turnpike Stops Get Decked Out with Decorative Concrete

Florida turnpike decorative concreteIf Florida’s Turnpike were a rail line, the Fort Drum service plaza in the south central part of the state would be the equivalent of New York’s Grand Central Station, with glitzy interior treatments that include terrazzo floors and decorative exterior treatments and landscaping that evoke Florida’s unique natural environs.

Joe Maty
Apr 5, 2014
How Texture Stamp Mats Changed the Decorative Concrete Game

Using texture stamp matsBefore texture stamping, stamping professionals were limited to interlocking stamp patterns and all of the frustration and anxiety that accompany them. Flash forward to 2014, and numerous opportunities exist to showcase your decorative talent, thanks to the many variations of texture stamp tools.

Doug Carlton
Aug 19, 2014
Portugal Housing Development Embraces Architectural Concrete Finishes

Modern and stylish home created with microtoppings in Portugal.Luca Seminati, managing director of Ideal Work srl, helped install the Italian company’s house-made microtopping on these stylish homes in Lisbon, Portugal.

Aug 1, 2012
The "When-You're-About-To-Work-With-Solvents" Safety Checklist

Three gas masks lined up on a brick wall.This is not intended to be comprehensive or complet list, but here are a few things to think about when you are beginning any project that involves solvents.

Apr 5, 2011
Designing Decorative Concrete with Good Composition in Mind

Staining concrete or painting concrete what is the difference. Here a man is painting concrete after a stencil was removed from the acid stained concrete.Artists approach design as a space-filling exercise. As such, the first thing they consider is the format within which they will be working. The shape of the format will radically alter the distribution of elements within it. The elements of design are the simple building blocks artists have to work with.

Gaye Goodman
Jan 5, 2015
A Concrete Contractor Who Has Taught the Basics of Concrete Around the World

A concrete highway wall just outside of Cairo. This was the contractor's first concrete staining job (with instructions from Archambault over the phone).From Cairo to Seoul, this contractor has taught the basics of concrete around the world. Michael Archambault was more than a casual contender. Back in the '70s, before he was 25 years old, the sassy lad who grew up in San Diego had Houston by its concrete tail. He not only owned a Patterned Concrete Industries franchise but eventually bought out the mother company and served as president.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Dec 16, 2003
One-of-a-kind Stained & Resurfaced Floor Treatment

H&C Semi-Transparent Decorative Stains (Meadow Green, Obsidian, Pumpkin Spice)Perfect for a one-of-a-kind finish, this floor treatment gives you lots of room to get creative with your colors.