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Use of Vertical Concrete is on the Rise

Concrete water feature Looking for a way to expand your business’ offerings or add a little more creativity to your life? Either way, the vertical surfaces market may be for you.

K. Schipper
Jul 14, 2019
Brightly Colored Concrete Sculptures a First for Fabricator

Concrete sculpture by Rob Lan“Three Concrete Sculptures,” recently on exhibit in Kayne Griffin Corcoran gallery’s courtyard in Los Angeles, marked fabricator Rob Lan’s maiden voyage into decorative concrete.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Jul 12, 2019
Concrete Contractor's Guide to Getting Paid

Not getting paid is every contractor’s worst nightmare and there are plenty of reasons why some clients fail to pay. Whatever the reasons may be, it’s important that you take the right steps to exercise your right to get paid. Here are some ways you can ensure that you get paid on time and in full.

Patrick Hogan
Jul 12, 2019
Versatile Building Products

Adding an epoxy coating during a Liquid Granite chip flooring system installation.When a pair of specialists from Versatile Building Products made a January trek from California to Oregon to coat a concrete floor, their first concern was the cold.

John Strieder
Mar 4, 2005
Artisans in Tennessee Carve Concrete Trees for Cabins

Cute concrete cabinAmerican Patriot Getaways in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, is one of the companies that rents cabins to vacationers who want to stay in “tree houses” in the Smoky Mountains.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Jul 12, 2018
How to: Planning, Pouring and Finishing Half-Round Concrete Steps

Formed half round concrete steps in terra cotta colorWhen you are finished pouring a set of half-round steps using these techniques, take a picture and hold it next to a set of regular steps on your next estimate.

Jason Geiser
Nov 21, 2011
Making Money with Decorative Concrete Curbing

Decorative concrete curbing can take on the look of brick pavers around a planter box without the concern of weeds growing between.When it comes to edging that pleases the eye, decorative concrete curbs have no competition.

Railroad ties rot, bender board breaks and brick mortar crumbles. But decorative curbing is permanent.

John Strieder
Aug 2, 2004
Starting Small: Building Concrete Rails and Doors

If a contractor is intimidated by the leap from slabs and tops to entire decorative concrete houses, he or she might try Steve Kornher's techniques on architectural details such as railings or doors.If a contractor is intimidated by the leap from slabs and tops to entire decorative concrete houses, he or she might try Steve Kornher’s techniques on architectural details such as railings or doors.

Nov 2, 2009
Diversify with Direction When Expanding Your Business

A nice patio set on a stamped concrete patio that has been stained a tan color.There are a lot of questions that don’t always have easy answers. Fortunately, plenty of people have headed out in different directions within the concrete industry and found the journey has taken them to a pretty good place.

K. Schipper
Jun 5, 2019
Epoxy Expert Favors Broadcast Quartz

Westcoat's Quartz system on a garage floor with a gray car parked on it.Back in the ’60s, when epoxies first came along, they were often specified in food-related areas because of their ease of cleaning and resistance to germs, he says. Ramy remembers the old guys didn’t want anything to do with epoxy, so they’d paint the walls and the young guys would handle the floors.

Aug 14, 2014
Working Roman Aqueduct Built in Homeowners Backyard

Relief design in the side of a roman aqueduct shows a horse and a roman soldier.This working Roman aqueduct, completed in the fall of 2005 for a home in Dove Canyon, Calif., wasn't built in a day.

Sep 15, 2009
One of the Fastest Growing Segments in Overlays: Vertical Overlayments

Circular designed has been placed on a wall that has been overlayed with a faux painted treatment in redVertical overlay finishes are being installed everywhere. They are the fastest growing segment of the overlay market, and that segment is growing faster than any other type of decorative overlayment.

Brad Berg
Sep 5, 2007
Volunteers Honor Veterans at Monument in Colorado

The Veterans Memorial project entailed about 2,000 square feet of flatwork featuring two different finishesHundreds of people showed up to witness the dedication of the Veterans Monument at Ken-Caryl Ranch in Ken Caryl, Colorado, which was officially presented to the community just in time for Veterans Day 2015.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Jan 2, 2016
Concrete Table Tops Talk at Pasadena Showcase

The 16-by-5-foot table -- commissioned by Terry Morrill of Pacific Outdoor Living, a landscape design-build company in Sun Valley -- serves as the centerpiece of a space that garnered national honors.A real conversation starter, the concrete table designed and cast by Dominic Boinich of 5 Feet from the Moon kept the table talk flowing freely at the unveiling of the 2017 Pasadena Showcase House of Design in California.

K. Schipper
Mar 28, 2018
Buying Diamond Tooling for Concrete Polishing

What are the comet trails looking things on a diamond tool for concrete polishing machines called.There are as many variables in manufacturing diamond tooling as there are diamond manufacturers. So which specific variables should you concern yourself with and why?

Jennifer A. Faller
Dec 19, 2012
Hands Across The Ocean: International Decorative Concrete Training

Global training on decorative concrete and epoxy coating training classes.As decorative concrete goes global, American experts take the lead in showing contractors around the world how it's done.

Rob Spiegel
Jun 1, 2007
Eco-friendly Reinforcement Fiber for Concrete

A skyline that is lit up with city lights.With all the talk about “green” products lately, it’s only natural that somebody has created an eco-friendly reinforcement fiber for concrete.

The synthetic fibers of NyconG, from New Nycon Inc., are made from 100 percent reclaimed post-consumer and post-industrial waste carpet.

Emily Dixon
Nov 16, 2008
Giving Your Concrete Business the Flexibility It Needs to Thrive

Contractor using a power trowel to finish a concrete slab.In the free enterprise system, competition selects out businesses that don’t adapt to change or events they can’t plan on. To thrive within this system, your decorative concrete business must maintain a high degree of flexibility.

Jacob Webb
Oct 21, 2012