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Magnetic Stamps are Big Draw to Concrete Installers

Imagine you own a company that supplies concrete contractors with the tools for their trade. You offer a product that has been the industry standard for decades and is essential to most contractors in your industry. Your company sells a lot of them and they are a good source of income. Your company is a recognized industry leader as a provider of the product.

Chris Mayo
Oct 22, 2019
F-rated Floors Repaired to Achieve A+ Status

 Texas-based VLK Architects is no stranger to being recognized for its outstanding accomplishments when it comes to designing public schools such as the monumental and expressive Dan Dipert Career and Technical Center.Texas-based VLK Architects is no stranger to being recognized for its outstanding accomplishments when it comes to designing public schools such as the monumental and expressive Dan Dipert Career and Technical Center.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Oct 27, 2019
New Concrete Floors Emulate Old World Beauty

When it came to installing floors at his new decorative concrete training facility, concrete guru Bob Harris chose to emulate the old ways of Venetian artists.When it came to installing floors at his new decorative concrete training facility, concrete guru Bob Harris chose to emulate the old ways of Venetian artists.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Oct 26, 2019
Color Repairs Explained in Black and White

shiny brown polished floorOver the last few months I’ve had multiple projects with issues related to color. I feel it will benefit Concrete Decorreaders to understand the process for corrections as well as some simple tips and tricks for achieving desired results.

David Stephenson
Jan 27, 2017
Six Ways to Apply Concrete Sealers

Retro man applying sealer to acid stained concrete, leaning way back.Choosing the right sealer is not always easy. Once you've made your choice, then it's crucial to pick the right applicator.

Feb 12, 2006
Washington Restaurant Gets Decorative Concrete Overhaul

Concrete shelves installed on the stamped brick facade.A job that began with a mere 80 square feet of overlay snowballed into a decorative concrete transformation — complete with faux hollow tree — for this restaurant and bar.

Mike Dawson
Mar 12, 2008
Companies Donate Materials and Time to Help Homeless Families

Companies Donate Materials and Time to Help Homeless FamiliesInspired by the pro bono work done on the Bannister House last year during the Concrete Decor Show in San Diego, Jodi Cain of Quest Building Products began looking for ways she and her fellow employees could use their skills and services to give back to their community in Southern California.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Oct 13, 2017
Two Reasons Concrete Artisans Struggle in Business

How to say no.Our industry of decorative concrete is full of amazing and talented artists who have taken our trade to a level I truly never thought I would see in my lifetime. Every issue of this magazine is proof of it. But.

Doug Carlton
Feb 8, 2010
Bon Tool Concrete Countertop Edge Forms offer Natural Look

A unique and natural looking edge for for concrete countertops.If you’re looking to give your concrete countertop a natural edge, look no further than two new texture edge forms from Bon Tool Co. The forms, one stone and one seashell, were introduced in January. Both give a unique, natural-looking texture to the side of a bathroom or kitchen countertop.

May 9, 2005
Transformed Museum Courtyard Using Forms and Concrete Stains

Attendees trowel the formed stems of this large aloe vera courtyard.Bob Harris of the Decorative Concrete Institute was asked about his experience training and working at the Children's Museum of Phoenix as part of the Concrete Decor Show & Decorative Concrete Spring Training.

Apr 9, 2010
Going Green With Your Concrete Countertops

NuCrete and EarthCrete

People are looking to go green in their homes and businesses, and not just through energy-efficient appliances or solar power. This company pushes their green practices by offering lines of concrete mixes that employ recycled materials but are as versatile as regular concrete.

Robert S. Johnson
Aug 1, 2008
Using a Color Wheel for Your Concrete Work

using a Color Wheel for Your Concrete WorkThere is a famous paperback called “The Elements of Style” by Strunk and White. Many writers treasure it as a guide to writing clearly and succinctly while avoiding common grammatical errors. The handbook itself is a model of clarity.

Gaye Goodman
Oct 5, 2015
How to Keep Punch Lists from Pulverizing Your Profits

The final checklist graphicA “punch list” is the final review of a project. It is usually completed by the project architect and is most often completed after the project has reached a milestone called “substantial completion.” And for a decorative concrete contractor, the punch list is probably the single largest money-losing piece of a project.

David Stephenson
Dec 19, 2012
A "Cracked-earth" Concrete Mezzanine Overlooks the Rainforest Habitat

Surely you've heard the phrase concrete jungle, but what about concrete in the jungle?Surely you’ve heard the phrase “concrete jungle,” but what about concrete in the jungle? In this case, the jungle is the Rainforest Habitat at Discovery Place, in uptown Charlotte. The exhibit boasts wildlife ranging from birds and reptiles to vegetation such as palms and epiphytes.

Emily Dixon
Feb 27, 2013
Polished Concrete Industry is not Sheltered from the Effects of Politics

Competitive pricing has forced this reality on most manufacturers to maintain their market share and stay relevant.As a consultant who works with contractors and manufacturers alike, I sometimes see things that aren’t typically discussed that I feel are important to share. So I’m going to attempt to tie together the various strings of thought on tax updates and how these will affect our industry specifically.

David Stephenson
Apr 11, 2017
The Secrets of Concrete Countertops

Large kitchen island with a green concrete countertop.Like the structural character of a concrete foundation, concrete countertops are structured as well but with a whole lot more sex-appeal.

Susan Brimo-Cox
Feb 2, 2002
How To Make Colors Pop in a Concrete Dye-Densifier System

A dyed and polished concrete floor.The introduction of dye into the polished concrete industry has expanded the market enormously. The business is brimming with potential. However, we still face the significant hurdle of maintaining the integrity of an exposed concrete polished floor while protecting the dye in it against staining and moisture travel.

Bobby Watson
May 9, 2011
A Burning Question: To Burnish or Not to Burnish your Concrete?

Concrete surface have vast opportunities after burnishingAn old technique with new applications. Burnishing can open up a whole array of visual opportunities for concrete surfaces.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Aug 17, 2002