FirmeCrete Product Training Gets Underway for 2024

Entryway that was the site of a 2024 FirmeCrete Product training course in Austin, Texas. FirmeCrete Product Training in Austin, Texas - Concrete Entryway After
A look at the before and after the FirmeCrete Product Training in Austin, Texas. The class participated in transforming the entryway of a commercial painting contractor in the area.

Kicking off March 2024, the first in a series of FirmeCrete product training events took place in Austin, Texas. It’s the location for new manufacturing of FirmeCrete products to improve access to these new products. Contractors from across Texas and as far away as Minneapolis, Minn. attended this technical training event. And, as usual, FirmeCrete product demonstrations did not disappoint.

FirmeCrete products have been proving their strength and value in the market for the past 10 years. They are now available to concrete professionals nationwide who work on both concrete placements and renovations. The beauty of FirmeCrete is its likeness to the finishing of freshly placed concrete. Acid washing or the use of surface retarders like Top-Cast expose seeded or integrally mixed aggregates that are locked into a cement technology that is unlike any other. And that’s a fact!

The template made to create the downtown Austin skylline using FirmeCrete products

Attendees all agreed that the material represents new finishes they have not been able to offer previously. The material does not require a bonding primer, which further ensures the concrete breathability. This attribute of the product ensures against delamination issues in extreme climates.

It’s a tuff product, says the product developer, Ray Cano, Jr. who’s also been running Cano Architectural Concrete Repair in Southern California for the past 35 years. “We did an apron to a parking garage six years ago using FirmeCrete. That surface has 1,500 cars entering and exiting the garage daily. We did a first clean and resealed of that parking garage entry this last summer.”

Prepping the concrete for FirmeCrete Application

The workshop incorporated a silhouette of downtown Austin’s skyscrapers, which is part of the logo for a commercial contractor in Austin. They also used FirmeCrete to coat a brick and mortar retaining wall to show its strength on wall surfaces. However, FirmeCrete has already been demonstrating its ability on commercial building facades for many years. In fact, FirmeCrete is not limited to concrete and masonry surfaces only. Any prepared surface, indoor or out, is proving that FirmeCrete can address a wide range of designer inspired colors, textured finishes.

I’ve attended hundreds of product training events over the past 24 years as publisher of Concrete Decor and would give the workshop a score of 8 out of 10 for its coverage of the subject matter and a 10 out of 10 for the product’s ability to prove itself a mainstay for our industry. Great job, FirmeCrete!

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