July 2018 Publisher’s Letter

One of the benefits of being a decorative concrete contractor is the investment product manufacturers make toward ongoing product innovations. And so it is that those who know are the ones that grow! What’s an even bigger benefit to this industry are manufacturers around the world who see opportunity for the use of existing products in decorative concrete while eagerly investing their know-how in technologies that can increase your benefit.

They invest in this industry because they see market opportunity plus ongoing problems that demand better products for the job site. What manufacturers also want are contractors who don’t just know the “who, what, where, when and why” of different product technologies but also the “how” technologies are best applied.

That’s a challenge that most appropriately resides with contractors and their crews. And it’s here that an ongoing exchange of information and ideas is critical to your success. Rest assured, when this is not happening we exchange our competitive disposition in the marketplace for “status quo,” a tool other trades will use to justify the decision for their traditional building systems.

While I’ve emphasized the importance of ongoing education before, the subject doesn’t grow old. I see education as the so-called “Gorilla Glue” that holds this industry together. Some may even find me difficult to work with because anything that appears to threaten this core value is a threat to an industry I have served with Concrete Decor for the past 20 years. As a tradesman before I became a publisher, I know trade skills are a necessary bedrock for realizing the full measure of a benefit in product innovations.

Similar to ways our industry supports architectural design professionals with Continuing Education Units at box lunch events, each of us should also be obliged to invest in this educational process. Manufacturers develop certification programs to address the nuances of their respective technologies, and rightly so. Without it, manufacturers can’t really do much to mitigate problems that come from improper product applications simply by putting a “For Professional Use Only” on the label.

You can, though! In fact, you can do more than that. You can go as far as commanding a higher square footage price because your team’s skills are constantly in check with an industry that’s constantly investing in you. Enjoy this edition of Concrete Decor as we, too, continue investing in you and your success.


Bent Mikkelsen

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