Publisher’s Letter January 2018

2018 kicks off Concrete Decor’s 18th year. Wow, how time flies!

The New Year welcomes a section called Architectural Concrete. We focus on ways structural concrete is used as a dominant construction component. This section examines how concrete addresses durability, sustainability and aesthetics that outperform other building solutions.

Continued growth in construction spending is forecasted for 2018, and Concrete Decor will answer the trade’s informational needs with its powerful print and online platforms. What remains, however, is a growing need for a strong construction workforce, particularly in this industry.

We all need to address this challenge because it affects our ability to drive more business into the concrete industry. The answer rests in a renewed sense of community. As previously stressed, the internet is riddled with ways to reach customers. Unfortunately, many online solutions offer business opportunities that are independent of industry connection.

So what difference does this make? Consider this. I’m grinding a concrete floor’s edges while my son vacuums ahead of me. The constant dust swirling around my facemask tells me that until he’s on his knees grinding he’ll never understand how important it is to get those years of accumulated dust out from the floor and wall gap. Who on earth is going to make a YouTube video on how to vacuum these edges? No one, because that’s what gets taught on the job.

Similar to matching a concrete sealer’s viscosity to the pressure in a sprayer with the proper-sized spray tip to prevent overapplication, these are just a few funda- mentals often overlooked. It’s something manufacturers and their representatives, supply store personnel and contractors with employees must understand if they want to increase their competitive stance in the construction market.

Concrete Decor will address on-the-job training in 2018. Industry partners agree the need for workers is coupled with a growing need to deliver quality training. A united focus on this trade’s fundamentals along with good on-the-job coaching by experienced pros will drive our trade in a favorable direction.

I’m truly impressed with this edition and I hope you are too. Patronize our advertisers in 2018 and remember that New Year resolutions are never easy unless we have good friends and colleagues at our side. From all of us at Concrete Decor, we want to extend our best wishes to you, your family and your business for a happy and prosperous 2018.


Bent Mikkelsen

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