2023 Concrete Countertop Solutions Photo Contest Winners

Recently, Concrete Countertop Solutions held a photo contest for customers who have used products from their various product lines. The company received well over 1900 image submissions from customers near and far. Picking winners was nearly impossible, as the worked featured in every project was stunning. Due to the exception work submitted, CCS even had to add a new category, “Most Creative Finish”.

A special thank you was issued to everyone who participated in Concrete Countertop Solutions Photo Contest. “We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to send in photos of your amazing concrete countertops, pool decks and custom works of art,” said the head of the judge’s panel.

The images received blew the panel away and they were eager to share some of their favorites. If you do not see your photos below, know that the group deliberated over these for days and often had to make a nearly impossible decision. It is the goal of CCS to feature as many as possible on their social media accounts in the coming months, so follow along there.

About Concrete Countertop Solutions

Concrete Countertop Solutions was founded in 2009 from a simple idea. Above all, the idea was “There must be an easier way to build beautiful concrete countertops.”

Ed Baldoni, owner and president, was in the residential construction business for 30 years. It was a growing interest from his customers that lead him into the world of concrete countertops. After many headaches, and a few years, then, the Z Counterform system was born.

Today, Z Counterform is an industry go-to as a solution for cast-in-place concrete countertops. CCS has also grown into a one-stop shop for all of your decorative concrete needs. With the Z Counterform system at its core, CCS strives to live up to its mission statement and make concrete countertops as simple as possible. In 2014 CCS added the Z Poolform System to its product line. This line brings the same level of innovation to concrete pool coping industry. Subsequently, it is now possible to get an amazing level of detail in a wide range of profiles and textures on concrete pool coping. All this with a reuseable form also that eliminates blowouts, tie wires and many other issues associated with competitors products.

CCS is a family-owned and operated business, with its headquarters in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Most Attractive Space – Countertop

1st Place – Alex Haus
2nd Place – Krystal Nohai

3rd Place – Josh Maletz

Best Transformation

1st Place – Ann Best
Left: Before / Right: After
2nd Place – Kelli Chiri
Left: Before / Right: After
3rd Place – Darren Augenstein
Left: Before / Right: After

Most Unique Application

1st Place – Andrew Fish
2nd Place – Derek Weidner
3rd Place – Michael Pobieglo

Most Attractive Space – Epoxy

1st Place – Kate Tuma
2nd Place – Amanda Kraker
3rd Place – Peter Middlebrooks

Most Creative Finish

1st Place – Danelle Manson

2nd Place – Melanie Riggins
3rd Place – Sandra Escobedo

Most Attractive Space – Poolform

1st Place – Steve Wagner
2nd Place – Christian Montanero
3rd Place – David DeGroodt

Fan Favorites

1st Place – Igor Rutkovskiy
2nd Place – Greg Sleva
3rd Place – Dale Dean

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