Author: Concrete Decor Staff

The Eel Screed 6100 provides a comfortable, reliable option for concrete flatwork, which is often back breaking and exhausting. An electric screeding tool helps eliminate costly potential worker injuries that might come from a hands-and-knees board screeding method.

Curb Roller Manufacturing Brings Portability and Operator Comfort with the Eel Screed 6100

Curb Roller Manufacturing, the world leader in shaped concrete roller screeds, introduces the Eel Screed 6100, a corded roller screed designed for operator comfort and easy transportation. The innovative design of the Eel Screed 6100 allows contractors, rental customers and other operators to finish concrete screeding faster and more comfortably than […]

ACI Foundation Logo

ACI Foundation Announces the Roger S. Johnston Memorial Scholarship

The ACI Foundation announces the establishment of the Roger S. Johnston Memorial Scholarship. This new undergraduate scholarship is funded by Crimson Engineering Associates, Inc., Golden, CO, to honor the late Roger S. Johnston. A fellow of the American Concrete Institute, Johnston brought a wealth of field experience as well as […]

Fabricated shield by countertop artisans

Artisan Group Members Manufacture Intubation Boxes to Help Fight COVID-19

Artisan Group, an elite network of countertop fabrication professionals, announced its members are now manufacturing intubation shields to protect ER medical professionals from COVID-19 when they intubate a patient. Members are providing these shields to hospitals at no cost. Thus far, 12 intubation shields have been provided to hospitals and […]

Social Distancing Lunchroom

ClearSpan Now Offering Custom Social Distancing Solutions for the Workplace

ClearSpan is helping businesses across the country reopen by offering custom social distancing building and workspace solutions. As the country loosens its pandemic restrictions, businesses now have more requirements that they have to meet in order to reopen. ClearSpan has expanded their line to include auxiliary buildings to increase workspace, […]

ARA Healthy Work Practices Guide

American Rental Association releases ARA Healthy Work Practices Guide

The American Rental Association (ARA) has released the ARA Healthy Work Practices Guide for construction equipment rental companies — part of a new “Clean. Safe. Essential.” program designed to help ARA members continue to ensure a safe rental experience through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The ARA Healthy Work Practices […]