Alchemco Concrete Waterproofing Systems – Good News for Failing U.S. Infrastructure

Alchemco concrete waterproofing systems for bridges and tunnelsAlchemco – an acknowledged leader in concrete waterproofing systems, continues to grow its presence in the global infrastructure marketplace.

The BridgeDECK product line, is the latest addition to Alchemco’s growing array of products. Their products are designed to increase the durability and sustainability of concrete structures. Using its award-winning biochemically modified technology, Alchemco is introducing two cost-effective products developed to provide 15 – 20 years of surface protection for concrete bridges. They are also introducing a system to ‘fully waterproof’ the concrete matrix beneath the bridge’s surface for a minimum of 25 years.

These new BridgeDECK products: PROtectant, PROtectant Plus, and Waterproofing Agent provide long-term protection for concrete bridge surfaces, with a minimum of disruption to traffic flow – due to the fast and easy application of all three products.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer our unique technology to the city, county, state and federal highway markets in the United States and overseas. This technology will help the U.S. and many other countries make their infrastructure last decades longer.” says Mario Baggio, Alchemco CEO.

More about technology

Alchemco’s well-proven, proprietary biochemical technology has been protecting a wide range of exposed concrete structures since 1975. This is available in over 75 countries around the globe. These products are spray-applied, and penetrate below the surface of the concrete to create a continuous barrier to moisture penetration. This technology has the unique ability to seal existing cracks in structural concrete. Preventing the water and chemicals from penetrating into the concrete helps prevent the premature deterioration of the structure. In addition to that, this formula remains reactive inside the concrete. It can also seal future cracks (cracks that happen after the application).

All of the state D.O.T.’s now can have an affordable long-term solution. This solution is there to preserve, protect and waterproof their concrete bridges and tunnels. These products are ideal for bridge construction, major highway projects and other large-scale roadway infrastructure applications.

The high level of performance provided by these materials allows Alchemco to provide an extended warranty (15 – 25 years). D.O.T.’s realize a significant advantage using Alchemco products. This technology means not having to repeatedly close their bridges down to traffic in order to reapply or maintain the short-term water retardant materials.

These new BridgeDECK products are all VOC-free, with a service life of between 15 and 25 years. Additionaly they are potable water safe (NSF-61 certification at Underwriters Laboratories).

The addition of the BridgeDeck line to the Alchemco portfolio helps maintain its leadership as an innovator in the global construction market. All this while also helping governments to protect their country’s valuable infrastructure assets.

About Alchemco Global

Projects throughout North America use Alchemco products. Additionally, projects on five different continents use Alchemco products. In 2018, Alchemco acquired the formulas & assets of TechCrete, LLC. – a creator and manufacturer of superior waterproofing products that have protected concrete structures around the world for the past 40+ years in 75 countries.

One of the company’s most unique product offerings is TechCrete 2500 Waterproofing Agent. It won the ‘2020 Most Innovative Product Award’ at the World of Concrete Convention in Las Vegas, Nev. last February.

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