Amano Pioneer Eclipse introduces propane grinder/polisher

Amano Pioneer Eclipse has introduced the PE420GP, a high-speed propane powered grinder/polisher that operates like a burnisher but produces results like expense concrete grinders.

The PE420GP is designed after the Mean Machine, an industry-favorite floor burnisher manufactured by Amano. Powered by an 18-horsepower 603cc Kawasaki engine, this floor polisher uses a single polishing pad called PowerShine. Produced in a variety of abrasive grits, PowerShine has multiple diamond grinding pucks placed strategically around the perimeter of a durable rubber disk. Used in a wet operation at 1,000 rpm, PowerShine pads work on concrete, terrazzo and marble floors.

With PowerShine pads, the PE420GP produces excellent results while lowering labor costs. The PE420GP allows one operator to control both the machine and water administration throughout the process. The machine has a 7-gallon onboard water reservoir that provides a steady stream of water to cool and lubricate the PowerShine pad while reducing airborne dust and particulates. The water is applied internally above the pad driver and contained by an integral steel skirt. This containment system prevents pad spray that can damage surrounding merchandise and furnishings.

This machine can operate at pad speeds up to 2,000 rpm — ideal for high-speed burnishing, but too fast for grinding and polishing. A two-step locking speed control monitor, conveniently located on the adjustable steel handle, uses a restricting plate to prevent pad speeds above 1,000 rpm when grinding and polishing. Releasing the restricting plate allows the operator to achieve higher speeds when floor burnishing is required.

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