American Decorative Concrete tests dye system

American Decorative Concrete is currently conducting a nationwide “beta test” of its new Ameripolish SureLock Color System to find out how it performs on real-world concrete.

“What we’re seeing in our lab,” explains American Decorative Concrete president Les Davis in a press release, “represents a revolution in concrete color. But we know that concrete is not the same from one part of the country to the next, or even from one city block to the next. We want to find out how this system performs on the slabs that concrete polishing contractors actually deal with.”

The Ameripolish SureLock Color System is a three-part kit that is engineered to lock in and protect color in polished concrete. The three components of the system are uniquely designed to function together. The three solutions chemically bond to the concrete and to each other to keep color in the slab and protect it from the damaging and diluting effects of moisture, efflorescence, stains, etching agents and ultraviolet exposure.

SureLock Dye ships as a concentrated liquid. Its liquid form eliminates the three-hour wait for dissolving experienced with conventional dyes. The dye is a reactive formula that chemically bonds to the concrete, securing the pigment in the slab. SureLock Dye has demonstrated superior staying power, even when exposed to exterior weather for six months. SureLock Dye includes a penetrating agent mixed into the dye, which cuts steps and save time, and it has demonstrated unusually deep color penetration under microscopic examination.

SureLock Densifier is a proprietary lithium-based densifier/hardener that bonds to both the concrete and SureLock dyes, locking in the color as it closes the slab’s pore structure and toughens its surface. It includes UV stabilizers to help protect the color. It is spray-applied and requires no residue removal, saving time and reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal.

SureLock Stain Protector finishing treatment protects the surface and enhances depth and richness of color. It provides an additional application of UV stabilizers, completing the system’s UV protection. As a result of all this protection, the SureLock system has demonstrated superior resistance to UV exposure. In addition to its chemical bonding properties, it has proven effective at protecting color from potentially damaging staining and etching agents — including vinegar.

After the “beta test” results are in, American Decorative Concrete expects a full commercial launch of the product later in 2010.

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