G32 Grapple For Soft Demolition, Separation and Sorting from Brokk

G32 grapple by BrokkBrokk is a leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines. The company now offers a compact G32 grapple for soft demolition, separation and also sorting. The G32 is specially designed for the Brokk 70, the company’s most compact machine, increasing both versatility and efficiency for interior and top-down demolition applications.

“Helping customers expand their capabilities with new technology is Brokk’s primary goal,” said Lars Lindgren, president of Brokk Inc. “Demolition is a broad industry with many varied applications. Having a machine that’s only good for one or two isn’t efficient. That’s why we offer an extensive line of attachments specially designed to work with our machines. With the G32 grapple, Brokk 70 operators can easily add one more application to their demolition resume.”

Optimize flexibility

The G32 grapple is designed to optimize the application flexibility of Brokk’s smallest electric robot. The Brokk 70 boasts 9.8 kilowatts of power with a hydraulic output of 5.5 kilowatts. At just 35 inches (880 millimeters) tall and 23.5 inches (597 millimeters) wide, the Brokk 70 fits through both narrow doorways and into tight spaces, making it ideal for interior demolition applications. And with a base weight of just 1,235 pounds (560 kilograms), you can transport it on an ordinary passenger elevator. This makes it ideal for top-down demolition projects in urban areas.

When paired with the Brokk 70, the G32 can provide both significant time and cost savings over manual methods for soft demolition applications in tight, confined spaces. The G32 grapple features a 12.8-inch (32.5-centimeter) jaw opening. One fixed and one movable jaw means the G32 can firmly grasp structural elements such as drywall, ceiling sections, piping and HVAC ducts, while a 360-degree hydraulic rotation circuit allows for fast and accurate positioning. Using the Brokk machine in these situations eliminates the need for harnessed workers on either ladders or scaffolding, manually cutting or pulling down structural elements.

Additionally, the precision and flexibility of the remote-controlled demolition machine with the grapple attachment makes it easy to pick up and sort even small debris. Boltable grip plates facilitate both picking and sorting. This allows operators to complete those tasks without switching attachments.

The G32 is one of many efficiency-enhancing attachments available for the Brokk 70. For more information, you can also visit www.brokk.com.

About Brokk

Brokk has been the world’s leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines and attachments for over 40 years. Through continuous innovation in both engineering and design, Brokk is able to offer unique solutions to multiple industries worldwide, including construction, demolition, mining and tunneling, cement and metal processing, nuclear and other specialty applications. For more information: Brokk Inc., 1144 Village Way, Monroe, WA 98272; 800-621-7856; [email protected]; www.brokk.com; Facebook; YouTube; LinkedIn and Twitter.

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