Cementir Group Launches D-Carb for White Cement Decarbonization

Cementir launches today a new Aalborg White Cement with a lower carbon footprint, D-Carb, which presents a 15 percent reduction in CO2 emissions when compared with CEM I 52.5R. D-Carb is the first white cement in the market to match a lower-carbon footprint with high performances at early ages. It is available in European markets before being launched globally.

“We are thrilled to introduce D-Carb, our new umbrella brand for lower carbon cements, as part of Cementir Group’s ongoing commitment to address environmental challenges and climate change.” says Michele Di Marino, Chief Sales, Marketing, & Commercial Development Officer of Cementir. “As a leading white cement producer, the successful rollout of D-Carb® is pivotal in advancing our “net-zero emissions” ambition. Embracing a customer-centric approach, the unveiling of this product is eagerly anticipated. D-Carb®, integrating lower-carbon, high performance and unique aesthetic value, underscores our resilience in facing challenges in our decarbonization efforts. We believe that D-Carb will further support stakeholders in the value chain with lower-carbon finished products aligned with sustainable building standards. ”

The synergy between well-known Aalborg White clinker and pure limestone has been optimised by choosing a fit-for-purpose grinding aid to achieve comparable performances to our CEM I 52.5R at early ages, meeting the strict requirements of construction timelines.

D-Carb also inherits the extra properties given by the Aalborg White clinker used, extremely low alkali and low chloride content, ensuring reliable quality and durability of the finished products.

“Performances and white color are key features of D-Carb, and exploring suitable raw materials and their combinations have been crucial in the product assessment. This has resulted in the accurate selection of pure, very light limestone from a stable source, improving and stabilizing whiteness. Additionally, leveraging limestone fineness and particle size distribution, D-Carb ensures enhanced and consistent rheology, ideal for wet-cast applications, such as self-compacting concrete. These distinctive rheological properties allow for concrete finishes resembling marble surfaces. Moreover, the enhanced synergy and compatibility between cement and admixture cater to a wide range of white cement applications.” explains Stefano Zampaletta, Group Product Development Manager.

Leveraging on its peculiar performances achieved by D-Carb and after a specific testing program on site, customers are able to replace CEM I 52.5R in their manufacturing processes, especially when early age performances are the main targets. Cementir will support this sustainable transition with its technical experts to guide users in adopting D-Carb product and integrating it into their production processes.

Download product information and find more insightful content about D-Carb, a lower-carbon white cement with a 15 percent reduction in CO2 emissions: https://www.aalborgwhite.com/products-solutions/d-carbr-cem-iia-ll-525r

The introduction of D-Carb marks a profound impact on the building and construction sectors, offering a vital solution for decarbonizing practices within the industry, while enhancing Cementir’s portfolio of lower-carbon products. Cementir Group continues its broader decarbonisation efforts for low-carbon products, ongoing assessments are in progress to strengthen the D-Carb range with additional sustainable solutions.

Aalborg Portland in White Cement

Aalborg Portland, with over 90 years history, is the global leading player in White Cement with 3.30 million tons capacity and production facilities strategically located in four continents.

More than 80 countries worldwide are served under the global AALBORG WHITE® brand from production plants in Denmark, Egypt, Malaysia, and China, as well as in the US (in partnership with other companies), with a reliable supply of consistent chemical features, uniform white color and high strengths.

Aalborg Portland supports its partners by providing a consistent and high performance product, value-adding services into the customers’ supply chain, extensive technical and customer support, as well as potential cooperation in (co)developing new applications using white cement.

Aalborg Portland is owned by the Italian Cementir Holding, an international Group with operations in 18 countries, with over 3,000 employees, active in white and gray cement, ready mix concrete, aggregates, concrete products, waste management.


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