Concrete Contractors Turn Towards Latest Rebar Tying Technology

latest rebar tying technology - Twin TierIn a world where technology continues to grow and adapt to its end-users, businesses of all sizes are looking at opportunities and advancements for overcoming challenges, by investing in the tools and resources needed to increase productivity and enhance operations. Since 1993, Max USA Corp. has been pushing the threshold of technology. They are doing this by continuing to deliver a unique solution to the labor-intensive rebar tying industry. The latest rebar tying technology is Max Corp USA newest venture. Rodbusters and ironworkers alike spend countless hours manually tying rebar combinations of all sizes. This helps to build and support the infrastructure that keeps concrete construction moving in the field.

In 2017 Max introduced the latest rebar tying platform to the market, the TwinTier – the revolutionary rebar tying technology, that combines over 20 years of R&D and engineering excellence to deliver a unique solution that provides enhanced safety in the field, measurable cost savings, and overall improved efficiency. The first and only of its kind, uses a PAT pending dual wire spool. This helps increase both strength and durability with each tie.

Making the switch

Many contractors who are familiar and currently use Max RE-BAR-TIER tools have been making the switch.  They are moving from the RB398 to the TwinTier platform for its range of advantages. It boast double the performing speed of approximately ½ a second per tie. It also performs a remarkable 4,000 ties per battery charge. The benefits outweigh and surpass the need to service legacy RE-BAR-TIER tools that are getting older in the market.

The innovative engineering integrated into this new platform has allowed our engineers to develop PAT pending procedures such as the wire pull-back mechanism that autonomously dispenses the precise amount of wire needed to form a tie, helping to reduce cost on material. Additionally, a PAT pending wire bending mechanism helps to produce a short tie height that helps avoid tripping hazards in the field, while requiring less concrete to cover each tie.

“Whether tying #3 x #3 mats on bridge jobs, or large bar combos such as #9 x #10 in commercial foundations projects, Max offers three excellent tools. The RB441T, RB611T, and our latest Stand-Up TwinTier the RB401T-E us offered exclusively through our dealers and distributors. It is available both here in the US and Canada for a range of active construction jobs. Additionally, we offer training regularly on all of our TwinTier tools so that dealers and end-users can learn about the many benefits, participate in Q&A’s and also learn ahead of time about promotions and contest offered.” – Terry Kobayashi, TwinTier Product Marketing Executive

About Max USA Corp.

Max USA Corp. is headquartered in Plainview, N.Y., and is owned by Max Co. LTD. It is headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan. Max is a market leader in the quality manufacturing of tools for nearly 80 years. Max has several divisions employing more than 2,000 people worldwide, including 200 R&D engineers.


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