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Eco-friendly sealer from Green Umbrella

Green Umbrella is releasing Green Umbrella Outdoor Microfilm, an environmentally friendly hybrid surface treatment that creates a durable microthin layer to seal concrete floors. Green Umbrella Outdoor Microfilm is perfect for broom-finished, porous and consolidated concrete surfaces, improving slip and abrasion resistance. When properly applied, the microfilm forms a breathable, dense, protective layer.

Green Umbrella Outdoor Microfilm will not peel or flake, and it stand ups to heavy abrasion and high-foot-traffic areas. It resists acids both organic and inorganic as well as other chemicals it is exposed to, and it does not support mildew or fungus growth. It forms a protective shield against UV rays, extending the color retention of a decorative concrete slab, and it will withstand temperature extremes. Treated concrete is highly resistant to aviation oils and boasts a beautiful gloss finish.

Green Umbrella Outdoor Microfilm is designed for outdoor decorative concrete or exterior ground and honed concrete floors.