Husqvarna celebrates 325-year history

In 2014, Husqvarna is celebrating the company’s 325-year history. Since starting out in 1689, Husqvarna, now part of Husqvarna Group, has manufactured a wide range of quality products.

In the late 1600s, the wars that raged across Europe resulted in an increase in Sweden’s weapons productions. Hydropower was required in the manufacturing process, so in 1689, a drilling works was established beside the waterfalls in Huskvarna, southern Sweden (at that time spelled Husqvarna), where many products are still produced today.

As the need for weapons declined, the company saw an opportunity to branch out. This is exemplified by the development of Husqvarna’s first chainsaw. At the time, existing chainsaws were loud and contributed to noise pollution. By using motorcycle muffler technology, which was developed in-house, the noise level of the Husqvarna 90 was cut down by half of the contemporary competition. This solution was soon followed by, amongst others, new inventions such as anti-vibration technology that prevented vibration-induced “white fingers disease” and the first automated chain brake. Throughout the years, Husqvarna has proved its technological leadership by introducing groundbreaking and award-winning solutions and products with a strong user focus.

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