Husqvarna launches PRIME series of electric cutting tools

Husqvarna Construction Products has introduced PRIME, a new product range of high-performance electric cutting equipment. Through the use of high-frequency current and digital processing, PRIME is able to help contractors reach a whole new level of efficiency and usability – increasing performance, productivity and mobility.

The PRIME rage includes the new K 6500, an electric ring cutter. Husqvarna K 6500 Ring, together with the PRIME power pack PP 65, provides the user with a very efficient ring cutter. The K 6500 Ring is a high-power, ergonomically designed, low-weight system that operates on both one- and three-phase power. With an output of 7.4 horsepower on three-phase and 4 horsepower on one-phase, this is the most powerful electric ring cutter offered by Husqvarna. This cutter is well-suited for deep cutting both indoors and out. It handles concrete, stone and masonry, and is able to operate in smaller openings.

Husqvarna has launched the new DM 650, an electric drill motor within the PRIME product range. It has a high output and can be operated on both three- and one-phase power. The DM 650 delivers 8 horsepower on the spindle on three-phase and 4 horsepower on one-phase. This drill works for all core drilling from 4 to 24 inches. The DM 650 is effective on heavy-duty applications such as water drains, ventilation, plumbing channels, water drain pipes, gas supply pipes, manholes and barriers.

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