Master’s Touch Launches a World First Permanent, Concrete Anti-Stik Coating

Master’s Touch Global has launched a world first “Permanent Concrete Anti-Stik Coating” for the concrete blending, transportation and placement industry. This rugged coating has been formulated to reduce tool and equipment maintenance costs, extend equipment life cycles and lessen the time-consuming effort of cleaning cured concrete from steel surfaces.

Hammers, chisels and jackhammers used to remove cured concrete from equipment and tools are a thing of the past with Master’s Touch MT-447 Concrete Anti-Stik. This ultra smooth coating quickly sheds plastic concrete on both vertical and angled surfaces. Cured concrete is easily separated from surfaces with a pressure washer or drywall taping tool (also known as a spatula).“Our concrete anti stik coating includes mineral nanomaterials known to be 200 times stronger than steel as an ingredient in its already impressive 9H hardness rating”

“Our concrete anti stik coating includes mineral nanomaterials known to be 200 times stronger than steel as part of its already impressive 9H hardness rating” says Moe Elkateb, President of Master’s Touch. “This proprietary hydrophobic and oleophobic formulation will withstand aggregate abrasion while also rejecting the effects of chemicals contained in concrete mixes.”

The real magic of this coating is its low drag coefficient. Much like the teflon in your frying pan, the fully cured surface accelerates plastic concrete movement away from the surface. Additionally, if concrete cures in place on the substrate, you can easily remove it with just a pressure washer. You can also lift it from the surface with simple tools.

This single component formula is easily applied using a standard HPLV spray gun or with a foam brush. Concrete Anti-stik comes in clear, black and silver, but can also be tinted to any color desired. It can be purchased in aerosol containers, 1 gallon cans, 5 gallon pails or in 200 liter barrels.

About Master’s Touch

Master’s Touch proprietary industrial and residential coatings break through performance barriers and lead the industry with best-in-class standards. Master’s Touch has developed a coatings line-up which takes advantage of scientific and technological advances. This includes the first man-made quantum materials and an ability to adjust formulations at the molecular level through advanced science.

The company prides itself in having been called on by companies from around the world to help solve some of their most difficult and costly problems. Their safe-to-use and sustainable solutions protect and beautify while paying homage to the bottom line.

Behind Masters Touch is an experienced team of chemical engineers and research scientists devoted to making the impossible; POSSIBLE.

Their advanced coatings meet the demanding needs of military contractors, heavy industry, and homeowners alike. Their formulations push the envelope in creating sustainable, affordable, and also easy to use products.

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