Miracote’s new MiraPrime Aqua-Blok XL primer

New MiraPrime Aqua-Blok XL from Miracote is a clear, single-component, odorless, water-based, penetrating colloidal silicate liquid primer that integrally waterproofs concrete, mortar and other cementitious structures. Based on scientifically superior inorganic mineral waterproofing technology, Aqua-Block XL penetrates deep into the capillary structure of concrete and mortar to permanently enhance physical properties and the dynamics of waterproofing performance.

Exhibiting highly reactive and hydrophilic properties, Aqua-Blok XL quickly migrates through waterways and capillary tracts to chemically react with and convert free water-soluble calcium hydroxide into a dense crystalline network of insoluble calcium silicate hydrate gel within the concrete pore structure. This conversion process purges unwanted chlorides and contaminants from within the concrete matrix, seals and densifies, permanently blocks moisture ingress, reduces moisture vapor emissivity and enhances resistance to aggressive chemical substances.

This new product chemically reacts with free soluble calcium hydroxide to form water-insoluble calcium silicate hydrate gel. It purges embedded chlorides and blocks re-entry. Aqua-Blok XL enhances and strengthens concrete’s physical properties yet maintains breathability.

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Untreated surface on left -- Treated surface above
Untreated surface on left — Treated surface above

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