New antimicrobial surface treatment works with UV-cured coatings

HID Ultraviolet LLC has released HygeniCure, an innovative antimicrobial surface treatment designed specifically for use with site-applied UV-cured coatings. HygeniCure helps to defend surfaces against the growth of bacteria, mold and other microorganisms by use of the inherent antimicrobial properties in silver ion release. HygeniCure uses IonArmour, an advanced particle-embedding technology. When applied to the surface of an uncured (wet) UV coating, the HygeniCure particles become embedded within the top layer of the coating. Once the coating is cured by exposure to UV light, the particles are permanently locked into the surface layer. The finished surface provides continuous antimicrobial protection that will last for the life of the coating. HygeniCure is available in two sizes: 12-ounce aerosol cans, which will effectively cover approximately 50 square feet of surface, and large canisters, designed to fit an automated delivery system for covering larger areas. ?

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