New DustFinder shroud, dust collector

collects fine dust, such as concrete dust, terrazzo dust and more. The DustFinder features Donaldson Torit’s Spun Bond Ultra-Web technology, which produces a very fine, continuous, resilient fiber of 0.2 to 0.3 micron in diameter. The technology helps make a permanent nanofiber web with very fine interfiber spaces that traps dust. Filters are sequentially blasted with a burst of air from the blower exhaust chamber, ejecting any dust or debris from the surface of the filters and allowing a continuous flow of air. Additionally, the system features a simple unload valve that provides several options for removing the dust and debris accumulated, and the valve keeps the debris enclosed in the tank until it is time to unload. With a simple turn of the rotating lever, the system will unload the contents of the tank into one of several removal containers. The EdgeFinder dust shroud is fabricated out of steel. It incorporates a dense rubber seal that is attached via Velcro. The shroud will achieve “zero edging” on three sides with the seal in place, and the front two corners are cut back to provide edging around odd shapes. The EdgeFinder is equipped with an adjustable grinder mounting system that allows quick and easy mounting to most 7/9-inch angle grinders without adding anything else. The dust port is 1 1/2 inches, allowing use of smaller hoses. The DustFinder incorporates a unique mounting system that allows fit-up without changing or adding anything to any angle grinder with a bearing case measuring 2 inches through 2 7/8-inches. ? (877) 261-6002 ?

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