New Eyewash Station Gives Workers Immediate Water Flow In One Touch

Justrite's New Optiwash eyewash stationJustrite, a global leader in industrial safety products, announces the launch of OptiWash, a 10-gallon eyewash station by Hughes Safety Showers that gives users an easy-to-operate “gravity-fed” experience, especially in environments where continuous water is not available.

Mark McElhinny, the President and CEO of the Justrite Safety Group, says OptiWash is an eyewash station specifically designed to maintain safety in the workplace where explosions or dangerous spills are imminent. In an eye/face emergency, OptiWash assures users an immediate and controlled flow of water of 0.4 U.S. gallons per minute spanning 15 minutes.

“Workplace emergencies can’t wait, which is why we designed OptiWash to work immediately with one touch,” said McElhinny. “There’s nothing to learn and no fumbling. All they have to do is pull down the activation handle, lean forward, and OptiWash does the rest.”

The high-visible bright orange color makes OptiWash easy to locate. Its 10-gallon capacity is also designed for public hygiene. A delivery manifold drains unused water, reducing the risk of stagnation. Wall installation is easy — All it requires is a mounting bracket, included in the box. OptiWash also meets the ANSI Z358.1 standard.

Also available separately is a special jacket with heat and insulation, that’s aim is to deliver frost protection of the OptiWash. Fitting the jacket is simple. All it requires are loop fastening and drawcords. A 10-foot power cord also connects your OptiWash heated jacket into a 120V power supply.

Want to ensure your OptiWash is 100 percent bacteria-free? You’ll need a special Additive Solution, provided by Justrite. A single bottle preserves up to 20 U.S. gallons of water for up to 120 days!

“Companies have an obligation to protect their workers with emergency solutions that work fast, are simple to operate, and do the job thoroughly,” said McElhinny

“OptiWash is that peace-of-mind product that belongs on every work floor, in every warehouse, plant, construction site, or anywhere workers might damage their eyes in a split second. Its 10-gallon capacity delivers reliability while its steady and direct water flow delivers consistency. Everything about OptiWash is about worker health and safety,” he said.

About Justrite

Justrite Safety Group is a growing family of industrial safety companies including NoTrax, Checkers, Eagle, and more. Justrite is a global leader in manufacturing a range of industrial safety products. Today, Justrite is also one of the world’s largest manufacturers that integrates industrial safety products to their line. Based in Deerfield, Illinois, Justrite manufactures its own products in ISO certified facilities. They also offer global distribution capabilities with distribution centers throughout the United States and in Europe.

About Hughes Safety Showers

Since 1968 Hughes Safety Showers has built a reputation for stringent quality standards, innovative engineering design, and compliance with International and European standards. Hughes Safety Showers joined Justrite Safety Group in May 2016.

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