New Licensing Agreement Announced between ICRI and TACM

ICRI Licensing AgreementThe International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI), the only association in the concrete industry devoted solely to repair and restoration, announced a new Licensing Agreement with Technical Applications for Concrete Materials (TACM). This agreement gives rights to the usage of the industry standard trademarked ICRI Concrete Surface Profiles, CSP. Referencing ICRI Guideline 310.2R-2013, TACM has developed a process to manufacture concrete samples that are comparative to ICRI’s “rubber chips.

The introduction of the ICRI CSP chips to the repair industry happened in 1997. They have gained world-wide adoption for being the method of concrete surface profile identification. It remains the industry standard when referring to concrete surface profiles. Guideline 310.2R-2013 defines the CSP numbers ranging from CSP 1 (nearly flat) through CSP 10 (very rough; amplitude greater than 1/4 in. [6 mm]).

Concrete samples

The TACM concrete samples are mechanically (or chemically) processed by an actual method used to obtain the ICRI CSP profiles on a construction jobsite. You can achieve these profiles by utilizing various methods. However, to produce the TACM samples specifically, you must use the following methods. These methods are: CSP 1 Acid Etched, CSP 2 Ground, CSP 3 Light Shotblast, CSP 4 Light Scarification, CSP 5 Medium Shotblast, CSP 6 Medium Scarification, CSP 7 Heavy Shotblast, CSP 8 Surface Retarder, CSP 9 Heavy Scarification, CSP 10 Breaker/Abrasive Blast.

The TACM CSP samples will be available in sets of ten different profiles. Additionally, boxes of one profile containing a quantity of twelve in each box are available. As no two concrete surfaces are the same, the new TACM concrete samples will also depict a range of prepared surface profiles. You can product these profiles on a job site as a complement to ICRI’s CSP rubber chips.

The hope is that the release of this new product will be in Summer 2021. Both the ICRI Guideline 310.2R-2013 and rubber chips are available at

About ICRI

The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) is an association of concrete repair and restoration professionals. It is also a leading resource for education and information to improve the quality of repair, restoration, and protection of concrete and other structures in accordance with consensus data. ICRI began in 1988. Its membership includes contractors, design professionals and manufacturers. These groups work together to improve the education and training of the concrete repair industry.

About TACM

Technical Applications for Concrete Materials (TACM) produces concrete test substrates for both International (ISO) and Domestic (ASTM, ANSI) standard tests. TACM is the sole Domestic source approved by the (MMSA) Materials and Methods Standards Association for any ANSI or ASTM concrete test product. In addition to concrete test products, TACM produces customized concrete sample programs with a wide range of amplitudes (textures), finishes and coatings for manufacturers and industry associations.

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