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New Sealers Offer All-in-one Benefits

Nox-Crete Products group, an industry leader in concrete chemical solutions, introduces two new combination water-repellants and membrane forming sealers: Duo-Shield and Tri-Shield.

Both products combine a deep-penetrating silane and a low molecular weight acrylic resin to seal concrete from the damaging effects of deicing salts and freeze/thaw related scaling. They also provide stain protection from other contaminants such as food and automotive drippings.

The acrylic component in each product gives decorative surfaces like stamped concrete a wet look and will enhance the natural colors. Tri-Shield has the added advantage of being used as a curing compound on freshly placed concrete while Duo-Shield is used as a sealer on existing concrete only.

Both products are designed to resist oxidation and yellowing when exposed to exterior conditions, and both offer excellent water vapor permeability and resistance to blistering. Duo-Shield and Tri-Shield are VOC compliant and can be used anywhere in North America except California and Utah.

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