Introducing Plextone Liquid Chips, An Alternative to Color Vinyl Chips for Seamless Flooring

Plextone Liquid Chips - An Alternative to Vinyl ChipsSeagrave Coatings Corporation, the noted manufacturer of coatings for aerospace, industrial and furniture products, has invented Plextone Liquid Chips. Plextone Liquid Chips are a revolutionary game-changer that is vastly superior to traditional vinyl chips. The genesis of the of this system occurred when Seagrave Coatings Corporation became aware that the current method of decorating concrete with color chips was inefficient and costly to commercial and public spaces. These methods did not offer the smoothness and appearance that high-tech customers require. Thus, the Plextone Liquid Chips.

Due to the nature of multicolor paint, Plextone Liquid Chips provide unmatched color retention and camouflage patches. This allows the floor to blend into itself and appear more uniform without taking away from the natural look of the background color of the concrete.

This system is significantly easier to install than vinyl chips. They require no rebroadcasting—reapplying of the product to attain the desired effect—or rolling. They can be used within 24 hours because of their ability to dry faster. This not only saves time, but also cuts labor costs associated with installation. Additionally, it allows minimal disruption to the productivity of the space. Plextone’s product has the added advantage of being able to transform floors, walls and counters while offering superior durability and maintenance.

“Our invention is advantageous to the already existing method of decorating concrete. This is because Plextone Liquid Chips make epoxy or polyaspartic flooring faster to install and more economical,” said H. Peter Tepperman, CEO of Seagrave Coatings Corporation. “In the traditional method when the floors are finished, the concrete is not uniform as a result of patches in the concrete not matching. This look can be aesthetically bothersome, where ours lay flat and do not protrude from the base coating.”

About Plextone Liquid Chips

Plextone Liquid Chips are the highest performing liquid chip that transforms commercial and public spaces in ways far beyond what is possible with traditional vinyl chips. This chip system provides a heavy-duty, industrial driven product that outlasts others and enhances performance. It does all this at a fraction of the cost and time. For more information, please visit

About Seagrave Coatings

Seagrave is a technology-driven manufacturer serving customers with aerospace, industrial, defense, maintenance and home furnishing applications.  Seagrave Coatings is nearly two centuries old. It has long prided itself on coating solutions for customers who require special performance and aesthetic appearance properties for industrial products they manufacture. Since 1969, H. Peterman Tepperman has been the CEO of the Kenilworth, N.J. manufacturing company that consistently forges new innovations in the dry-erase paint industry. For more information, please visit

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