Sani-Tred liquid rubber coating systems from The Concrete Protector

The Concrete Protector has launched a new waterproofing system. Sani-Tred is a liquid rubber coating system that permanently repairs and bonds to concrete, wood, fiberglass and metal. The three products in the line are Sani-Tred PermaFlex, Sani-Tred LRB and Sani-Tred TAV.

Sani-Tred PermaFlex is a single-component, liquid rubber paint-like coating. After cure, there is little resemblance to paint. PermaFlex is a paint replacement product, self-priming and easy to use, a roll-on, seamless, flexible liner that bonds permanently to the surface and beneath the surface. PermaFlex bonds permanently to most all standard building materials. After application and cure, PermaFlex leaves a thick layer of smooth rubber about four times the thickness of a household garbage bag.

Sani-Tred LRB (Liquid Rubber Base) is a fluid rubber that will cure throughout its entire volume at any thickness in four hours or less at 70 F. LRB cures reliably even in extremely cold temperatures, never produces gas during curing and does not generate heat as it cures. The rubber is solvent-free, low-VOC, low-odor, molecularly welds to itself new or old and cures to a hardness as tough as a truck tire. Applied over a surface primed with PermaFlex. LRB can be activated using plain tap water. As a fluid, LRB can be used to create a waterproof membrane of unlimited thickness. LRB can also be used to self-level a rough surface or create custom poured-in-place gaskets or form any solid shapes in as little as five minutes by using special catalysts.

Sani-Tred TAV (Thickening Activator) is a thick, blue, inert, odor-free, gel-like additive formulated to be blended with LRB to adjust the viscosity or fluidity of LRB from a self-leveling liquid to a putty or caulklike consistency for vertical, horizontal or inverted applications without sagging, running or slumping. A LRB/TAV mixture can patch or seal any joint, seam, crack or hole and profile rough areas.

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