Crack Injection Epoxies for Concrete Repair Projects by Simpson Strong-Tie

Crack Injection Epoxies by Simpson Strong-TieSimpson Strong-Tie is a leader in both engineered structural connectors and building solutions. Recently, the company launched a complete line of structural epoxy products designed for a variety of concrete crack repair jobs. Tested to the latest ASTM standards, the new CI family of crack injection epoxies have an improved viscosity range. They have accelerated cure times. Additionally, you can install them at temperatures between 40°F and 110°F to meet the demands of real-world concrete repair applications.

Simpson Strong-Tie has also upgraded its entire suite of dispensing tools and injection systems. These upgrades help make applications fast, easy, and clean for contractors on the move. From hairline cracks to wider concrete fractures, Simpson Strong-Tile designed crack injection repair products for both cartridge and pump applications. These options will suit a variety of jobs of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest, and everything in between. Simpson Strong-Tie formulated the products included in the collection for retrofit and repair work in light-frame, tilt-wall, water treatment, bridge and marine, and commercial construction and restoration.

“Although predominantly used for retrofit and repair work, you can use this upgraded collection of concrete injection epoxy products and accessories in new construction as well,” says Simpson Strong-Tie director of Concrete Construction Products, Ryan Kaelin. “The availability of products in cartridges suits small- to medium-sized jobs where it’s not efficient to set up pneumatic pumps. All of our crack injection solutions have the backing of Simpson Strong-Tie training, jobsite support, and nationwide availability. If you’ve got cracks, we’ve got you covered.”

The complete line of Simpson Strong-Tie CI structural epoxy repair products includes:
  • CI-SLV super-low-viscosity structural injection epoxy (viscosity of 150 cps @ 72°F)
  • CI-LV low-viscosity structural injection epoxy (viscosity of 350 cps @ 72°F)
  • CI-LV FS fast-setting low-viscosity structural injection epoxy (viscosity of 600 cps @ 72°F)
  • CI-LPL long-pot-life structural injection epoxy (viscosity of 2000 cps @ 72°F)
  • CI-GV structural injection epoxy gel

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About Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc.

For more than 60 years, Simpson Strong-Tie has dedicated itself to creating structural solutions and technology to help people build safer, stronger homes and buildings. Considered an industry leader in structural systems research, testing and innovation, Simpson Strong-Tie works closely with construction professionals to provide code-listed, field-tested products and value-engineered solutions. The company’s engineered structural products and solutions receive recognition for helping structures resist high winds, hurricanes and seismic forces. They include structural connectors, fasteners and fastening systems. They also include lateral-force-resisting systems, anchors, software solutions, and product solutions for repairing, protecting and strengthening concrete. From product development and testing to training and both engineering and field support, Simpson Strong-Tie commits itself to helping customers succeed. For more information, either visit o follow the company on,, YouTube or LinkedIn.

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