Stone Paper Partners With Health Industry Leaders in Mask Production Around the World

Around the world, people have been using combinations of fabric, paper, and plastic shields over their faces to avoid contagion. In an effort to do its part to fight the novel COVID-19 virus, Stone Paper®, a mineral paper producer based in B.C. Canada, is offering a durable and eco-friendly material to create masks without plastic or paper.

“We offer an alternative material which satisfies all the characteristics of a paper, while at the same time providing the competencies of plastic, without their structural limitations or drawbacks. Essentially the best of both worlds,” says Sam Farhangi, Chairman and CEO of Stone Paper®.

The material Mr. Farhangi speaks of is naturally impermeable, which satisfies the most important need for the production of masks. Stone Paper is less expensive, causes a smaller environmental footprint by saving water and energy, and requires less treatment to reduce flammability. Masks made with this material carry the added benefits of being waterproof, washable, anti-bacterial, fire retardant, anti-grease, as well as having no use of trees, water, bleach or any hazardous chemicals in the production process.

The mineral paper has Cradle-2-Cradle certification and is compliant with health regulations. It is currently used as disposable medical examination bed sheets due to its anti-bacterial and antimicrobial, non-stick and non-combustibility (fire retardant) properties. Using a custom-made material from their mineral paper substrate, the company intends to produce N95 masks as well as procedural and surgical masks.

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