StoneCoat Joins The NEU Carbon Neutral Concrete Initiative

StoneCoat LogoStoneCoat is now a member of NEU, An ACI Center of Excellence for Carbon Neutral Concrete, a program initiated by the American Concrete Institute (ACI). StoneCoat proudly joins the ranks of other NEU members including Meta, Baker Concrete Construction, Breakthrough Energy, and Lehigh Hanson (Heidelberg Materials).

Concrete is the second most consumed material in the world. Its extraction, processing and use make the cement industry one of the largest producers of carbon dioxide. The NEU Center, located in Florida, was launched in April 2022 to spearhead the research into and adoption of carbon-neutral construction technology. To achieve its goal of eliminating carbon emissions in the concrete and cement industry by 2050, the organization creates strategic partnerships with construction research and manufacturing companies to help raise awareness and drive the use of carbon-neutral materials and technology throughout the United States and the world at large.

Why StoneCoat

StoneCoat produces and utilizes patented green construction technology. The company uses limestone to create cost-effective, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly stucco and stone products for constructing and renovating properties. StoneCoat Smooth and StoneCoat Carve are two of the company’s certified AC-11 products that architects, builders and contractors use to create beautiful lightweight veneer finishes for buildings.

  • StoneCoat SMOOTH produces a mold-proof stucco finish that emits up to 90% less carbon emissions compared to other Portland-based stucco veneers.
  • StoneCoat CARVE is an all-natural, water-resistant lightweight veneer that can be finished to match designs of both natural stone and brick patterns.

Both products come with a 20-year warranty, guaranteeing sustainable elegance either inside or outside a building.

“Architecture requires versatile and elegant finishes for all design types. We have engineered a product that delivers high quality and visually appealing finishes, while significantly reducing the carbon footprint during the manufacturing process,” says Conor M. Butts, chief operating officer at StoneCoat. “The partnership with NEU reinforces our commitment to building green and making a meaningful contribution towards carbon neutrality.”

Partnering with NEU Carbon Neutral Concrete Initiative as a manufacturing partner is just one more step in StoneCoat’s commitment to sustainable construction practices. The new relationship allows StoneCoat to contribute knowledge gained through a lifetime of making lasting green products for both indoor and outdoor construction. NEU provides an open forum for concrete industry professionals to share knowledge and technologies for producing and utilizing ecologically sound construction materials, so the partnership gives StoneCoat the chance to collaborate with other construction research and manufacturing companies to create innovative green solutions for construction products. Through the ACI, StoneCoat now has access to construction information and technology developed in over 50 countries all over the world.

More about NEU

NEU is building a peer review program to validate the claims from new materials and technologies associated with carbon reduction in concrete. “The team at NEU is excited to have StoneCoat as a member,” said Drew Burns, NEU’s Executive Director “Their commitment to membership highlights their leadership in the concrete industry.”

This new collaboration provides another way for StoneCoat to remain true to its goal of producing construction materials that produce up to 90% fewer carbon emissions than traditional cement and concrete products. StoneCoat also gets to help nurture the interest and talent of engineering and architecture students all over the world to create a new generation of young professionals who can continue the work of producing sustainable concrete technology.

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