Tarantula Circular Saw Blades by Spyder Products

Tarantula Circular Saw Blades by Spyder ProductsSpyder Products is a leader in high-performance power tool accessories. Recently the company expanded its line of Tarantula Circular Saw Blades. They now offer seven new options to tackle a wider variety of tough construction, demolition and specialty cutting jobs.

“Since we launched the first Tarantula circular saw blades in 2019, Spyder has become the preferred performance blade manufacturer of tens of thousands of skilled construction professionals, woodworkers and other users throughout the United States and Canada,” said Ryan Campbell. Campbell is the executive vice president of Spyder. “This line expansion provides more highly-requested options for our current, loyal customers and opens the door to new users who have been waiting for more sizes and specialty blades before joining Team Spyder.”

The new blades include a polycrystalline diamond (PCD) blade that quickly carves through fiber cement board. Spyder’s 6-1/2″, 7-1/4″, 10″ and 12″ blades have gained additional tooth counts and configurations. Additionally, an 8-1/4″ Tarantula blade is available for the first time.

The new blades include the hallmark features that make all Spyder Tarantula blades cut faster and last six to 60 times longer than standard blades, such as:

Triple-sharpened nickel cobalt (NiCo) cutting teeth
Thin kerf and optimized grind patterns for fast, precise cuts
Interfused anti-friction coating for exceptional heat regulation and corrosion prevention
Polymer stabilization vents to reduce noise and vibration for a straighter cut

New Tarantula Circular Saw Blades include:
  • 6-1/2″ DEMO Blade – Featuring Spyder’s Demo Drive tooth bevel. This blade grinds through nail- and screw-embedded wood with ease. It also lasts up to 10 times longer than regular blades.
  • 7-1/4″ PCD Blade – This specialty blade lasts up to 60 times longer than traditional blades when cutting cement fiber board thanks to its four rugged, resilient polycrystalline diamond-coated teeth.
  • 8-1/4″ Fine Finish Blade – Featuring 40 NiCo teeth. This blade makes ultra-clean rip and cross cuts through all types of hard and soft wood. It lasts up to six times longer than standard blades.
  • 10″ Framing Blade – This blade’s 40 NiCo teeth and alternating tooth bevel make exceptionally fast rip and cross cuts, and lasts up to six times longer than standard blades.
  • 10″ Ultra-Fine Finish Blade – Featuring 80 NiCo teeth and alternating tooth bevel. This blade cuts cleanly and precisely in hard and soft wood and lasts up to six times longer than standard blades.
  • 12″ Fast Framing Blade – Built for speed, this blade’s 40 NiCo teeth and alternating tooth bevel quickly cuts general wood and plywood.
  • 12″ Framing Blade – Featuring 60 NiCo teeth and alternating tooth bevel, this blade lasts up to six times longer than standard blades when cutting wood.

In addition to new blades, a new 3-pack of Tarantula framing blades is available. These Spyder Tarantula blades are available exclusively at Lowe’s stores nationwide and online at Lowes.com.

About Spyder Products

Spyder Products began in 2007 with the Spyder Scraper. The company continued with award-winning 3×3 reciprocating saw blades and jig saw blades, hole saws and more. Over the years, Spyder Products has developed a reputation for making quality power tool attachments that make tough jobs easier for professional contractors. The company has also continued to innovate with features that make their products work harder, last longer and finish the job faster. For more information, you can also visit www.spyderproducts.com.

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