The Collomixer Solves a Real Mixing Problem

The Collomixer is a handheld power tool designed exclusively for small batch mixing – without burning out. Here’s why it’s a game changer:

  • It saves you time and money. With the power to mix heavy materials in your hands, Collomixers do the job quickly. And saving time equals more profit.
  • It’s easy to switch paddles. The right paddle is critical to mixing success. Every Collomixer comes with a quick change Hexafix coupler to switch paddles fast.
  • It’s better for your back and body. It has two handles so you can work in an upright position, protecting your back. You can let the machine do the heavy mixing.
The Xo 1 R is a bestseller

It’s compact and lightweight with variable speed and one gear, yet powerful enough to mix multiple materials with ease. Mixes up to 8 gallons.

The Xo 4 R is versatile

With variable speed, two gears and a throttle switch, it gives you more control over your mix. It can handle mixing quantities up to 16 gallons.

The Xo 6 R is heavy duty

With variable speed, two gears and a 2.1 HP motor, it mixes the most demanding materials on the construction site. Mixes up to 24 gallons.

The Xo 55 R Duo has two-paddles

Its two counter-rotating paddles create a forced action mixing effect for multi-component materials. It’s also incredibly efficient, mixing heavy materials 50% faster than a single-paddle mixer.

So, Why Drills Burn Out?

To mix heavy materials like mortar, a power tool requires high torque and low speed.

But drills are the opposite – low torque and high speed. Without the power to process heavy materials and rotating at such a high speed, drills are prone to burn out.

The Collomixer’s high torque pushes heavy materials with ease, and the speed of the motor is designed to handle mixing times.

About Collomix

Collomix has made a commitment to a role as an innovator in the market. The company offers its customers products which are both optimized in technical terms and deliver high user value. That has been a matter of conviction for Collomix for over 40 years – and for the future too.

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