UDT Appoints Chris Boxmeyer as National Technical Support of Urethane Floor Finishes

Chris Boxmeyer of UDT

Ultra Durable Technologies (UDT) has appointed Chris Boxmeyer as national technical support of urethane floor finishes. Boxmeyer now oversees UDT’s leads throughout the U.S. and Canada who have resilient floors that need attention. These include sheet vinyl, Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT), Luxury Vinyl Tile or Plank (LVT/LVP), and linoleum.

He also supports those who are looking to coat their concrete floors or countertops with direct-to-concrete UDT products such as Impact or I-Tech. Boxmeyer supports technical questions with existing customers. He also helps new customers understand UDT’s products and their strengths for specific applications, and looks for new opportunities. When asked, he adds that he also “tells bad jokes at company meetings,” which each of his colleagues can confirm.

Previously, Boxmeyer has worked in IT technical support, laboratory research, IT project management and construction. This comprehensive career history provides him a broad foundation of hands-on and technical experience. This allows him to assist UDT customers find the right product for a project, the correct answers to questions, or the best field adjustment when needed.

Prior to UDT, Boxmeyer’s main experience with coatings was DIY flooring installations and DIY concrete staining and coating. He has also worked on large stone construction projects and sealed a considerable amount of cut-stone.

Since starting with UDT, he has applied all UDT coatings to a wide range of flooring types including vinyl, terrazzo and concrete. Boxmeyer now also holds a CMI (Cleaning Management Institute) Hard Floor Care Certification. ISSA provides this certification to those who have completed coursework on daily hard floor maintenance and hard floor scrubbing, stripping and finishing.

About Ultra Durable Technologies

Ultra Durable Technologies (UDT) manufactures and delivers world-class floor coatings for contractors, hospitals and industrial facilities throughout North America. As a 21st century coatings company, innovation is at the core of everything UDT does.

Its goal is to formulate and produce environment-friendly products that perform better than the traditional, high-maintenance, high-odor products. UDT also partners with its customers by providing marketing, training and technical support.

UDT was launched in 2008 and has a very deep history that extends nearly 40 years and through two generations.

For more information about UDT or to connect with Chris Boxmeyer, call (320) 258-2266. You can also email [email protected] or fill out the Contact Us form on the UDT website by visiting www.ultradt.com.

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