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Pearl Abrasive Concrete Crack-Chaser Blade

Crack Chaser Blade in 4” in diameter and there is an arbor for all popular right angle grinders.

The Crack-Chaser Blade from Pearl Abrasive Company was designed for more efficient cleaning, routing and repairing of cracks in concrete. The diamond segments are sintered to the core in a V-shaped pattern, leaving a clean groove for filling. They are 4-inch in diameter and there is an arbor for all popular right angle grinders.

Many Decorative Concrete Artisans and Craftsmen use this blade to cut artistic designs such as flowers and murals in the concrete. The ability to cut at varying radius and depths make this a very versatile tool. It is also used to change a narrow sawcut into a V-groove for grouting or simulation of a joint. With this blade and a right angle grinder you'll be on the cutting-edge of creativity in concrete! For more information, call Pearl Abrasives at 800-969-5561.

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