Vol. 2 No. 2 – April/May 2002

Decorative Resurfacing of Cracked Concrete Balconies

More often than not, decorative resurfacing begins with some type of repair, whether it be patching of small holes before a chemical stain, thin repair of spalled concrete, crack repair, or a full depth structural repair. This article will discuss a project requiring both repair and prevention of recurring cracks on post-tensioned concrete decks.

To get this polished concrete looking floor add color to the concrete sealer prior to applying the concrete sealer.

How Adding Color to Concrete Sealers Creates Beautiful Effect

Creating Beautiful Effects Takes Knowledge and Practice One of the least expensive and most practical ways to add decorative effects to a concrete project is to add a color to the finishing sealer. While many contemporary projects are using integral coloring or color hardeners, tinting sealers offer an alternative that […]