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Kwik-Top: Polymer-modified Cement Specially Formulated to Renew Concrete

Polymer-modified cement to renew concreteKwik-Top, from Versatile Building Products, is a polymer-modified cement specially formulated to renew concrete. It can be used to apply broom, troweled, knockdown or orange peel finishes over driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, patios or any other floor surface.

A single package product, Kwik-top consists of a proprietary Dry-Tech polymer, specially formulated cement blend, aggregate and modifying additives. The only thing you have to add is water. It stores for up to 18 months with no adverse effects (even if it freezes and thaws).

Perfect for a pool deck, Kwik-Top is a polymer modified cement specially formulated to renew concreteThis versatile product goes down thin (usually 1⁄16") and allows you to use many finishing techniques, including incorporating existing cracks into your design. A new development is the Weathered Finish (shown in photos), which is achieved by using regular Kwik-Top with a fine Kwik-Top grout coat on top. Each layer is colored by adding a color pack, and as the different materials accept color differently, you'll end up with a weathered, mottled look. The project shown was sealed with a breathable epoxy.

Kwik-Top is a "just-add-water" product that requires no complicated mixing or measuring of the polymer. It comes in white and natural concrete gray, and may be integrally colored (by adding a color pack) to one of 12 standard colors or painted with a durable acrylic topcoat for 18 additional colors. For more information on Kwik-Top, visit the Deck Coating Web site or call (800) 535-3325.

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